Monday, March 1, 2010

How Much Can You Multitask?

How's your Monday? Here, we're on hold trying to get thru to the Universal Health care office. How much can one person multi-task? We'll see.

We're finally coming back from the cold. Still fighting symptoms, though.

What helps you when lucid dreams happen? What helps when you feel like everything is closing in on you? We're trying to really be aware of diet and how it can potentially mess up your chemical balance. There are tons of PTSD studies online. But we've never found one that specifically talks about the role of diet. Time for our new bestseller?

In case you haven't heard, here in the States unemployment benefits and COBRA (short-term health coverage) have stopped (due to a neocon power ploy). Any ideas on when these will resume? Apparently Obama will never ever deviate from "we must have bi-partisanship". Which from a purely political stance is smart. If nothing is done, you can perpetuate the old "it's THEIR fault" line.

On hold now for over 20 minutes. And still no luck.

When you're fighting to not get stuck in your fight-or-flight mechanism, have you ever blacked out from sheer exhaustion? What helps you to NOT do that?

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