Thursday, September 22, 2011

The FAQ Section

As the support grows, we'll be adding answers to various questions that keep coming up. Just scroll down to the section you want.

Is the really a mind/body connection?- It's actually one thing and not two. All interconnected.

Do PTSD symptoms ever go away?- Many say not completely. Symptoms will lessen. However, there's always something there. Just one opinion.

How come others won't listen to me?- Generally speaking, not all but many won't listen because you're their worst nightmare. The last thing they want to do is face that head on. Which means the easier thing to do is to imagine you're not there.

At times, they might say you need help. However, just go away. What do you do then?

Why do others say it's my fault?- Because they're cruel and various other things.

Why do people say "sexual assault" and not rape?- Because it's like saying "enhanced interrogation techniques" instead of torture. In that case, it's not so harsh. It's patriotic. Also, it won't get you fired. If you say rape, we just don't talk about things like that.

Is it common to develop multiples personalities after trauma?- Generally yes. It depends on the situation, the person and what happens afterwards. However, that's a perfectly normal protection mechanism.

What percentage of the population has some form of PTSD?- Ten percent.

Is there a National Victim Compensation Fund in the States?- No. Many states have their own. How much you could get depends on the case and what the statute of limitations is in that state.

Is it true that rape crisis centers can't mention anything about guy rape survivors in their content (online, publications, etc.) if they want to get federal funding?- Yes. It's actually illegal to mention anything about guy survivors.