Sunday, October 31, 2010

Keep Your Self Control

These days, it's a good idea we stole from Former Labor MP Tony Benn. The idea is to keep your balance despite everything that's happening around you.

How do you do this? Be selective with your content. The corporate MSM will tell you it's the "latest that you need to know". Really? Says who? Instead of doing everything as second nature, make yourself ask, is this necessary?

Because the truth is much of it isn't. We've all heard the "experts" analyze this massive public apathy in the States. Books, lectures, CD's, DVD's (and probably a new documentary coming soon). Yet, nothing's changed.

This leads into the next question. How do you solve this?

The answer? Nobody wants to admit it. But especially in a lot of these triggering issues, you have to live with the consequences of your actions.

If you vote on Tuesday, is that a good thing? Yes. Will you singlehandedly change the political landscape? Probably not.

On the other hand, you could say it's all the same, I'm staying home. Then you do.

Which one's worse? The "experts" can examine this all they want. But in the end, you have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

It just bothers us that lots of people on the left seem to be making lots of money off this endless apathy. We all have to work. But, nobody wants to deal with this.

Then again, you aready knew that.

Symptoms are still there. Time for meditation and tai chi for the night.

Enjoy Your Day/Night/Whatever

Nice and sunny today. The pool's open. We may even go for a nice cheap lunch. You just have to know where to look. And how to use those coupons.

Really working on keeping our balance. Especially with the effects of diet, exercise and other things as well. It really is connected.

Protect yourself at all costs. But also try to do something nice for yourself as well. Some Wall Street CEO may say work your ass off 24/7 and you'll be a success. Then again, how many who've done that are still around to talk about it?

Just one opinion.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Latenight Comments

How's the weekend? Staying up for a while to catch up on some writing. As for the rest of the news, excluding scores, no thanks. Way too violent.

At times, there's some clarity. But we still have to fight to focus. The old therapist won't talk to us anymore. Why? Who knows. Which means time to finish there and start soon with the new one. We're trying to keep as much continuity as we can.

How are your symptoms? Does EMDR help you at all? It helps us. But also at times it's really rough. It's like everything comes flooding out all at once.

Despair is still there as well. Then again, you have to keep going.

Feel free to post comments. Share with millions worldwide and see what happens.

NOTE: Being the editors (somebody has to), we reserve the right to screen and edit comments to make sure they're helpful to everyone here. This means anything we deem triggering will be deleted. Please consider others and their healing as you post comments.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Weekend

Lots of stuff to do this weeekend. Do you have Halloween in your part of the world? If not, that's ok. Some people think just seeing an American walking down the street is scary enough.

Now that we got the cheap shots out of our system, on to other things.

How do you keep your symptoms under control? For us, part of it is avoiding all triggers as much as possible. This does take a lot of advance planning. But it's necessary because at times it just gets too weird. Something happens and it seems like the world can't be bothered. Why? Because there are far more important things that will get us bigger ratings. So who cares.

It doesn't mean you're not aware or don't care about it. It just means you have to be selective about it.

What can you do that won't harm your healing?

For us, it's just stay away unless we have to deal with it. Also, there are lots of other things you can do that are way more fufilling.

Try it and see.

It Really is Friday

Welcome to our growing audience along the East and West Coasts in the States. Looks like we have some new readers in the D.C. area. Maybe it's Obama? These days, anything's possible.

Speaking of anything, next week are the highly stressful mid-term elections. Breaking our just-talk-about-trauma rules for a moment, what's the outcome? As expected, the Democrats will lose a lot of seats and the power that goes with it. This means that literally nothing will get done for the next two years (not a surprise).

How then do we deal with this? Protect yourself at all costs. Despite a lot of nice soundbites from Obama and others about "how we must do everything we can for our troops and people that are suffering", what's being done? We don't see anything. It's just political posturing that's very profitable for many people.

Therefore, do what's necessary to maintain your balance. Mix activism with balance. If you don't have to go into a store or read/watch/listen to something, don't. If you then multiply that by millions, the people at the top will notice.

Next Tuesday, what would the politicians do if nobody voted? It's not illegal in the States to not vote. If no one shows up, what will they do? What will the corporate MSM talk about to fill time and column space? Is this possible to do? Yes it is. Would people actually do something that's 100% free to express their contempt for the current system? No.

Why not? Because most people are lazy, that's why. We live in a we-want-it-for-free-right-now society. If it doesn't meet that rule, screw it. We can't be bothered.

Now if this did happen, we'd be pleasantly surprised. Prove us wrong.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nightime Edition

Good morning to all of our intl. readers from London going east.(and everyone else). With all of the powerful corporate MSM that's out there, keep this in mind. Yes they have the megamillion dollar budgets, the columnists with huge contracts and bureaus all over the world. But what's the key difference between them and us? We're not losing any money. Take that, News Corp.

Do you realize in the States one out of two people are on Facebook? Maybe that's why the other person gives you a dirty look?

What's one way to cope? Keep getting your message out. If everyone is going to one idea, maybe you should go another way. Like the global investor Jim Rogers says, either they'll think you're insane. Or, you're a genius.

Right now, we need peace and quiet. A nice dinner and then just sit and relax. If you know of some big story that's already happening on Friday, unless it's a global emergency, we're not available.

Pay Attention to the Signs

How's your stress level these days? As if we don't have enough to deal with, the powers that be make things even worse. Then, it's either (a)we had to do something because they're "too big to fail". Or (b), we'll do whatever we want. And we dare you to stop us.

Which one is it?

This means that in our view you have to pay attention to what you see and how it affects you. Maybe a lot of your routine is second nature. We're not saying live a spartan lifestyle and never be happy. Just the opposite. Pay attention to the effects of things.

Why should trauma survivors do this? Because nobody else will. It's hard enough as it is when you battle symptoms every day and do everything else. Then, nobody seems to care. Is it expected to do that? Or, do they literally want nothing to do with you (but they do want you to cook dinner, clean and do everything else)?

How do you cope with these double standards?

It seems like almost nobody wants to deal with trauma unless there's something in it for them. The corporate MSM wants something with "legs". What's the angle to give us huge ratings? What can we hype? Not actually paying attention to the story and the underlying reasons. Instead, it has to be able to be spun. Besides, who the hell wants to watch depressing s**t like this at breakfast. We have certain standards that we have to maintain.

Are these good or bad standards? You be the judge.

In our case, today things feel raw. The only things we're looking at online are sports scores and rundowns of games. We literally can't look at anything else because it's too triggering. We stay out of some stores because it's like everything inside is too triggering.

When was the last time you saw an "in-depth" report on a trauma survivor with PTSD who wasn't a vet? We've never seen one.

This means protect yourself. But also continue your own network to get your message out.

We're now read in 26 countries. Which means that millions worldwide need to be heard. Whether it's rape, wars, flooding, earthquakes or epidemics, these people exist. Yes, it's much more exciting to see in-depth coverage of Chelsea Clinton's megamillion dollar wedding with the parents on hand. But does anybody pay attention to the double standard of Bill being appointed by Obama to help with Haitian aid relief? Either Obama didn't get the memo about Bill being involved in overthrowing
Aristede, or he just doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Try this for one day. Unless you have to look, listen to or read this stuff, for one day turn it all off. Don't check your email. Then, see how you feel. Will the world end? No. If some people can't reach you, is it an international crime to call them back the next day? No, it's not.

Just suggestions. Then again, in our experience nobody else will do this for you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tough to Talk About (Contains potentially triggering material)

Listening to hockey and the World Series online. But also, we're trying to maintain our balance despite rough symptoms.

We're juggling a lot(going for supplemental income, going back to therapy and more). Yet, at times dissociating is really rough. There's a "what's the point, just die and get it over with" feeling that you have to fight really hard. If you don't, we're scared that we'll fall apart.

We're NOT going to kill ourselves. But also, we don't have the luxury of "just go with your feelings".

At times we literally feel like we're going to snap in two. We scream and fight to not fall apart. Lucid dreams happen and we have to hold onto any solid thing we can to not fall apart.

Does any of this happen to you? If it does, how do you cope with it?

Feel free to post your comments. Since we're a global blog, think of all the free input you're getting worldwide. Then, think of the huge consulting fee you'd have to pay elsewhere.

Yet another reason to post your comments.

How Do You Cope?

The global audience gets bigger and bigger. London, Singapore, Perth. Brisbane, Jerusalem, Paris, Dublin. Maybe we should open branch offices.

How are you coping in this "global economic downturn. The worst since the 1930's". How much do you wanna bet that at night, all of these politicians go home and drink champagne that they can't drink in public?

Everywhere you turn, there are cutbacks and fighting over who gets the worst of it. Ireland, the U.K., Vancouver, B.C., Greece, and the States.

What are the common threads:
Higher stress for everyone
Spinning the taxes that will have to come to pay for these cuts
Cutting back vital services. This can mean several things. Cut back hours. Put pressure on the unions and then they fight back by striking. Then the govt. fires them and brings in replacements with less experience.

Now, what's the one thing that no politician in the world will EVER say? Yes, everyone who deserves to go bankrupt should. Also, let's write off the global toxic debt.

Worldwide, hundreds of experts have examined this. Many have also made lots of money avoiding this important concept.

Now, another view. Why is following the rules bad? People below the level of Goldman Sachs or HSBC in the U.K. go bankrupt or lose their homes. Some even go homeless and then lose their lives. This endless "global analysis" of the toxic debt continues to go nowhere.

If one option isn't done, go in another direction. If the banks won't disclose it all, write it off. The G20 could say to them, you had your chance, but you blew it. Now deal with the consequences.

In France, Greece and other countries, people continue to march in the streets. Instead of having a go at them with really boring (fill in nationality here) jokes, try this.

In Ireland, a growing number of people want a general election. In Vancouver, B.C. the Premier will go on TV and try to sell the public on a new tax. But, in Canada it seems that hockey is way more important than the welfare of the country and population.

Is anybody paying attention to the traumatic effect this is having on the public?

In the States, 30% of the population has some form of PTSD. Granted we don't have tanks in the streets and martial law yet. But legally Obama could implement this at any time.

Despite that, millions still think that Obama is "The Great One" who will save us all.

Question: Doesn't continuing denial increase the trauma that you need to pay attention to?

Do you really have to go to Harvard Med School to learn this stuff?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tiny Segments

Time for some latenight thoughts.

Great news. Part of the fmaily says they're willing to help us out with expenses right now as we appeal our SSI denial. We're getting some extra help from some new sources. We have about 2 months to appeal. Then, it can take up to 4 months to get a decision.

What are we looking for? Being able to keep the apt. Not to be homeless again for a third time. Cover our bills with whatever it takes. Then, go back to regular therapy.

On some days it's tough to go outside without severe dissociating. We walk in segments while holding something solid. Then stop. Another segment and then stop. Same idea if we go for a drive.

Right now, some stability.

It's What You Do and the Effects on You

Back to the job hunting and always trying to have options.

Today, just a tiny amount of juice with breakfast. But now, no caffeine or sugar. Maybe that's the reason the past few days have seemed hyper tense?

What else? Online, only sports and job hunting stuff. That's it. We're really sticking to paying attention to what you do and the effects it has on you.

Do your really need to do this? If yes, why? If not, do something else. Then, see what happens.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Overnight Stuff

Greetings to our global audience. For anyone who doesn't know, we now have readers in about 26 countries. Of course we don't know their names. But the list gets bigger every day. Thanks for the support.

How are you coping these days? Everywhere in the world it looks like more people are starting to argue over what they're entitled to. How come I get less of a rebate than he does? How come I have to go bankrupt and the giant banks always get bailed out?

Answers: lack of connections, money, lobbyists and MSM contacts?

This will only increase as more budget cuts are talked about. No politician will be insane enough to publicaly say, yes, let's write off the debt. Let all firms that need to go bankrupt go bankrupt. Also, if you still believe that writing or calling your Congressperson is helpful, it's not. We've been ignored by all of the major progressive people in Congress. It won't work.

What do you do then? Concentrate on what you have some control over. Take things in tiny segments and protect yourself as much as possible.

Another key? Always have a many options as possible. More options means in many cases more power.

How are our symptoms? Dissociating is still a huge problem. We have to edit everything because if we don't we spend almost all day fighting to get our balance back.

As for others, we have no control over them. We just want to have some stability for a while. Pay our bills and go back to therapy.

Not too much to ask for.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is a High Stress Day

How's your part of the world? Just when you thought it was safe, you find out the people at the top are doing even more stupid s**t. As if we don't have enough stress as it is.

NOTE: We try to avoid all triggering stuff as much as possible. But, today we have to break the rule. If this bothers you, please stop reading now. If not, keep going.

Unless your PC or Mac's been recently repaired (or you've been on a covert mission in North Korea), everybody knows about the new Wikileaks documents release. It's gone viral and it's now being analzyed by various MSM "experts" and others.

In one sense, the more coverage the better.

As for the other whistleblower sites that are still jealous of all the global attention that Asssange is getting, we say f*****g get over it. Then, help to release more documents. That's the whole point of your site, correct?

The bad part of this? First, unless Wikileaks is a CIA front, more evidence is right there in front of you. Yet, look at various comments on sites and blogs. What are most people doing? Cutting each other down instead of paying attention to the content.

There's no accountability. Does that bother anyone?

War criminals are seen on TV talk shows and are making millions selling books and other stuff. In other countries, war criminals are arrested and tried like they should be. But not in the West.

Is anyone concerned about this?

In Iraq and Afghanistan, Western troops are shooting innocent civilians like f*****g dogs. But that's out of sight, out of mind. And, part of spreading "Western democracy".

Lots of famous journlists are getting rich off of this. One, it's not illegal to be succesful and make money. But two, does it bother anyone that some of these people criticize the mass apathy of the public and make millions off of that? Then again, it's not their job to put their career (and possibly life) on the line to solve this problem. Blame the politicians.

Or, are we the only ones that notice this?

A prediction. This new Wilikeaks release will run its course. Then, absolutely nothing will change. Obama will still be The Great One who will save us all. The Democrats will lose in November. More people (both troops and civilians) will die unnecessarily. And nobody will care.

We've had enough for today.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a Global Thing

Happy weekend to our worldwide audience. Think of it as opening branch offices all over the place and there's no fee for anything.

How are you coping with the Global Depression (call it what it is)? We can only take about 1 minute of looking at financial stuff online. After that it's like what's the point? The people in power only want to stay in power. Many who criticize them are getting rich off of their mistakes/crimes. You can only take so much.

Here, many who have health problems are going abroad for treatment. These usually are marketed as "health holidays". You can get treatment for a fraction of the cost at home. Plus, hang out at the beach while you recover.

We know that in any situation someone's going to look for the profit angle. Yet, consider the bigger picture. People are going abroad for treatment. Or, many are emigrating to a new life.

We're trying to keep all of our options open. Emigrating is still one of them. We have a good work history abroad and a valid passport. Also, since it is a global economy, you go where your opportunities are.

Another aspect. 99% of the valid information that we get here comes from abroad. There's literally no point in looking at the corporate MSM. Progresisve in many ways is much worse than before.

Does anyone look at the underlying causes of this stuff? Almost always no. There has to be some hype in it. Because frankly unless everyone stops watching/listening/reading, they could care less what you think.

The up side of this? This gives you more time to do other stuff. Especially if you're a trauma survivor.

Do you find that people will listen to you and support you as you struggle for balance? Or, do they wish you'd just disappear?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Night Thoughts

Listening to the Rangers/Yankees online. Can we hold out and pass up the latenight snack? We'll see.

How has your week been going? Here it's been fighting symptoms all day long. Then, tyring to always have as many options as possible. Lots of horrible flashbacks still happen. Another thing is at times you don't know what's real and what's not? It's like you scream to get it all out and then you're just short of blacking out.

Now, do that about 30 times a day. Along with everything else that you have to do.

We're really working to maintain our balance and protect ourselves. This can mean bringing up ulgy things in your family or with someone else that maybe they want nothing to do with. Despite that, you have to politely stand your ground.

It's hard enough as it is being a trauma survivor. To have to also hear "just shut the **** up and take it" is crap. Life's too freakin' short.

Nice to see our global audience is growing. Hi in Perth, Cardiff, Surrey, B.C., Stockholm and more. Please link us everywhere you can. It's a dog-eat-dog world on the Net. And we'll take all the help we can get.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peace and Quiet

How's your evening/Friday? We're staying in tonight with our limade and listening to some RTE podcast about Wayne Rooney. He's not happy with his team and is probably holding out for a REALLY big contract. Just like the rest of us (or those of us who have no contract and would like one).

Segue into security. How are your symptoms? We're being very careful because despair is really rough at times. The therapist says that that's years of horrible trauma coming out. Every day we're screaming and fighting to focus. We have no choice. We have to keep going.

How do you cope when it feels like the world isn't paying attention? We just try to keep in mind we're not responsible for them. Protect yourself at all costs. Pay attention to your intuition.

Also, know when to turn everything off. At times it's too much to handle. So we turn everything off and go for a walk.

Some clarity at times. But it's really painful.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Steps to Protect Yourself

Staying up late tonight to catch up on some writing. Nice and quiet at the moment. Other than some nice online tunes, no need to go to anything else.

It feels like we know everything that's going on. Today, we followed some economic news throughout the day. We literally didn't learn anything new at all. Which means we still know way more than Bernanke and Geithner do.

But as part of our coping, unless we have to, we're now retired from posting comments, chat rooms, forums and all the rest of it. Because it's literally to the point of what's the point? Some progressives are talking about there's nothing left on the left. Then, they write a book to profit off that mass apathy?

Is that illegal? No. Yet, doesn't that seem like almost the ultimate irony?

Another reason to screen everything. Do you really need to see/watch/read/listen to this? What's necessary and what's fill?

Whoever's controlling almost all of the global media could care less what one person thinks. On the other hand, fine. If you won't listen to me, I'll go elsewhere and not be part of your global profit margin.

It's like you have to start your own global network to get actual facts these days.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 500!

Congrads to all of us for surviving and thriving (despite having to fight symptoms and people who just don't get it). Keep linking us everywhere you can worldwide.

We need a break from all the doom and gloom. With that in mind, check out this picture. Nic Clegg, the leader of the Lib Dems in the U.K. (and the Deputy Prime Minister).

What's with politicians and the hands? Do they study this stuff in university? Or, does a "campaign consultant" teach them this stuff when they join their party?

How much do these people get paid for this? These days, beats not having a job.

Despite that, can you name one politician that doesn't do this? Maybe we could start
our own consultancy. In a global depression, anything can and does happen.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tiny Segments

Another long day. Went to file for disability, and got turned down. At this point,
even if we literally sell all of our stuff, we'll have way too much to qualify. Does this happen in your part of the world?

We know we need to go back to regular therapy. Which means now we'll have to work out some other way cover the bills, keep the apt. and go back to therapy.

Here, "income" is a very deceptive term. It means you're allowed to rent an apt., have a car and a bank account. But literally if any change happens, you have to to report it. If you give something away, you have to report it. If you make $1 on selling something, you have to report it.

Does this happen to you?

Take things in tiny segments.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fighting All Day Long

Happy Friday to our global audience. Please link us everywhere you can. We can't pay you. But every link does help.

Right now, it's fighting symptoms all the time. Lots of breaks and at times just turning everything off and looking out the window. But that's all right.

Trauma has to come out. Take things in tiny segments (how do you say that in Mandarin? One of those tough questions).

Also, you're not responsible for saving the world. This and symptoms at the same time? It doesn't work.

Instead, protecion comes first. Then, be selective about what you work on. You'll feel better overall.

If any bad stuff is happening Friday, we don't want to know.

Fighting to Maintain Our Balance

A busy day looking for low stress jobs, applications and more.

We're staying away from all triggers as much as possible. It's a lot of editing, but it needs to be done. We've found a few promising leads for home businesses as well. At this point, that's the best backup if an outside one doesn't come thru.

The other thing is to take lots of breaks as we go. Are you dealing with the same thing? How is being on disability viewed in your part of the world? Keep in mind here in the States there's no national health care (except in 2 or 3 cities). Also, it's pretty overwhelmed due to the enormous demand for it.

But in our case, it's the right thing to apply for as we go back to therapy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're Everywhere. Well, sort of.

Hi to our growing global audience:
Vancouver, B.C.
Hong Kong
and more

Nightime here and _____ for you. How's your Thursday?

We're finishing our disability application. We talked with the therpaist who's going to write a report re: our symptoms. His recommendation. Don't work while you go to therapy. If you do, keep it as low stress as possible (try for a home business). Most home businesses right now are scams. But we'll ask around to our sources and see what they say.

Symptoms are really exhausting. At times there's some clarity. But then you fight to not black out because it's really painful.

You have to keep going. We stick to our holistic routine and keeping our balance. All in tiny segments.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Balance is the Key

Greetings to our new readers in Israel and Europe. As for the rest of the world, you know where to find us.

How's your balance right now? We have a lot at the moment. File for disability. Find the low stress jobs. Go back to therapy. Keep your balance.

Despite the weird stuff that's going on in the world, you're not responsible for what others do and say. One way to be heard? Don't contribute to their profit margin/hit rate/view rate.

Somebody is paid to pay attention to this stuff. Normally, that's "confidential" corporate information that your contract won't allow you to reveal. That is, if you have a contract.

Even if you don't, you can still protest and make yourself heard. And, not out yourself in the process.

NOTE: As much as possible, we try to never intentionally trigger others in this blog. However, at times we do talk about topics that are raw in content. If we didn't, that defeats the purpose of the blog.

Hope you understand.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Latenight Thoughts

Staying in tonight with our lemonade and listening to the Giants-Braves game online. Via a Canadian station. Even though we know who won the game by looking at Stateside sites. That's the Net for ya.

How are your symptoms? We've thought about it, and we're going to apply for disability. We've lost jobs in the past because of PTSD. Also, we really don't want to be homeless for a third time.

This means apply for that, find low stress jobs. Then, go back to therapy and have a stable base overall. We still fight every day and feel like we're going to black out. Then at the end of that day when we're totally exhausted, we feel like we've moved about 2 cm.

But what else can you do but keep going?

We're taking it in tiny segments. But also we're protecting ourselves as much as possible. The only things we can handle right now are sports scores and job hunting stuff. We stay away from the rest of it.

Do you have blackouts? Do your multiples lash out? Do you feel like anyone's listening to you and admits that you exist? We hope that things are looking up for you.

Thanks for the support. Also, please link us everywhere you can. If you can talk some progressive media outlet to carry us, please do. We tried, and they didn't listen. Maybe it's a matter of someone else dropping hints.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keep Your Balance

Survived a horrible night last night. We had a really sick lucid dream last night where somebody tried to rape and kill us. We fought back and killed them instead. Got almost no sleep and now we're just trying to heal.

Is this happening to you as well? How do you fight back? Just "going with your feelings" doesn't work.

How's everything else right now?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Weekend

How's it looking for you? Sorry we've been away for a while. But it was a horrible week until a few days ago. We had two job interviews. Didn't get the first one. We got the second one. But we'll never do that ever again. The firm lied in it's initial ads. We won't say what it was because it's too triggering. But never again.

Now it's back to looking, dealing with symptoms, trying for disability and potentially moving again. You go where you have to to get the new jobs and the help that you need. And unfortunately in our area it's really tough. But you keep going and keep your balance.

We have some source in various places that are helping us out. It's the old thing of the more the use the better your results. A key in all of this is balance. Also, protection.

Have a great day.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keep You Focus

Enjoying your day? One tip that might help to cope with symptoms? Focus on lots of different things to stop dissociating. The idea is to keep you busy as a helpful tool (in addition to the other holistic stuff that you're doing).

Try it and see how it goes.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You're Not Responsible

Enjoying the weekend? Here, still no snow. The pool is open again. Things are looking up.

A key idea to keep in mind. Despite all the sick and twisted things happening in the world, keep in mind that you're not responsible for what others say and do. Now, many big name activists are always talking about we all have a responsibility to our fellow persons. We can't just sit by and do nothing.

In one sense, that's true. But what they have to also keep in mind are several things:

If you're a trauma survivor, how can you help others when you need to concentrate on your healing first?

How come there's no united progressive front to once and for all bring pressure on the powers that be to force them (yes, non-violently of couse) to change this stuff?
Answer? Egos, money and power. Yes, this even affects many of these activists. They'd probably never publically admit that. But it's true.

It's the old being in a crowded room thing. Everyone sits and knows that action needs to be taken. Yet, nobody will do anything until one person does it. Then it's like lemmings mingrating behind the leader.

Today in Washington, there's a progressive protest. How much ocverage will the corporate MSM give it? Maybe 2 minutes. Will they actually interview anyone connected with it? Only if they're judged to not be a troublemaker, uppity (you get the idea).

If it involves donating large sums of money, for many rich and powerful people they'll ask the obvious questions:

How does this benefit this cause?
How will this benefit me?

Many of these celebs work within the system to reach their level of fame and fortune. Do you seriously think that all of them will completely risk all of that? We can name a tiny number that have. What's happened to them? They've been blacklisted, exiled or even killed.

Most people want nothing to do with trauma survivors. Right now, if you live in the States, essentially weakness isn't tolerated. Nobody cares about your problems. Just shut up and get on with it.

This continues to be analyzed to death by various experts, pundits and their assistants, groupies and who knows who else.

Nothing has changed.

How are your symptoms today?

Friday, October 1, 2010

You Need to Watch This

Please check out this holistic clip. Also, please pass this onto everyone you know who could use it. Thanks!

It Is Friday

How's your Friday? Here, another 90F day and the pool is finally reopened. But no poolside bar. These things take time.

Fighting symptoms and trying to maintain our balance. Part of the process? Paying attention to the right to have and say your opinion. It seems common to trauma survivors to constantly have others trying to shut them down. Verbal, physical, emotional abuse and then finally rape. Nobody pays attention and you're not sure what to do.

The truth is you do have a right to your opinion and not to be treated like dirt. We're standing our ground as far as that goes. Some in the "family" say they're concerned. But if the worst were to happen and some of them offered to help us out, under no circumstances would we say yes unless there was absolutely no abuse whatsoever. Because normal human beings can only take so much. In our case, we're sick of being treated like dirt. Which mean we'll nevr put ourselves in that position ever again. Others are responsible for what they do and say. Nobody forced them to be abusive for a long time and then to never apologize for it. That's not "communication". But some apparently would rather literally go to their grave before they admit that they were wrong.

We're not responsble for that.

Now, we're still applying for jobs and living on almost nothing at all. But, we're planning ahead just in case the worst happens. Then, we sell everything, pay off our lease and leave.

Where would we go then? At that point, it's just a packed car and that's it. We're not sure. But we'll never put ourselves in an abusive situtation ever again. Life's too short to waste it.