Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time Zones

Here's a thought.

It's 9:57 p.m. where we are. 6:57 p.m. on the West. 10:57 on the East Coast.

From the U.K. eastward you're already dealing with Wednesday. How is it so far? is it safe to get out of bed? Or, should we call in sick and then go back to sleep?

We've heard it's common for trauma survivors to hear about and then take on others trauma. Maybe it's the we-can-save-the-world thing. We don't know.

But, if you find this happening to you, don't misjudge yourself. Caring and activism is fine. But it's not your responsibility that there's suffering in the world.

Our suggestion? First, deal with your own protection and healing. If necessary, turn this other stuff off. We haven't watched any regular news for about three days now.
We're still here. We'll take that as a good sign.

If you have to, screen everything. Yes, it can be a huge pain. But, what other choice do you have to keep your balance?

Just one opinion.

Tools to Help Your Balance

It must be Tuesday. Welcome to our new readers in Romania. Daly City, Ca. And everywhere else. Please keep linking us everywhere you can without endangering your balance.

We all know that part of keeping your balance is creative use of your tools. These can be online, books or other sources.

But right now, if it's not triggering, stay away from "global news". Instead, expand your station list from the usual "corporate American radio sound" to a global sound.

In the spirit of better balance overall, here are some of the better stations we've found. Remember to screen everything, just to be sure. Stay away from news and commercials. Also, if you don't happen to speak the particular language, (a) don't worry about it. Or (b), start taking lessons. If you do, immersion is one of the best ways to study.

The List:
96.9 Voltage FM (Paris, France. Not the other one outside of Dallas).
Nile FM (Cairo)
Samurai Fm. com
2Day FM (Sydney)
95b FM (Auckland)

More coming soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

How's Your Balance?

Another quiet night at home. Still have to catch up on some job hunting stuff online. Then, it's meditation and tai-chi. Followed by a nice latenight snack.

Triggering stuff is still everywhere. Everything has to be screened. In crowded stores, don't read or look at anything you don't have to. Dangerous stimulus is everywhere. It's too much to handle.

There's no one specific reason for this. It just feels like everything is flooding out.

This means keep your balance at all costs. But also, it's kind of nice to have some peace and quiet.

Have a nice night. Or whatever it is now in your time zone.

Today is an Extremely Triggering Day (Contains Graphic Content)

Yes, it's Monday. But it's also an EXTREMELY triggering day.

Our suggestion. Stay the **** away from everything. Unless you HAVE to deal with it, don't. It's not worth having to then fight symptoms for hours and hours to try and regain your balance. In our case, it's hard enough as it is.

So why add more stress?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Focusing on Quiet

Taking lots of breaks right now as we try to keep our focus.

No noise. No global triggering stuff 24/7. Instead, focus on maintaining your balance. Look out the window. Stretch. Have a nice drink and snack. But stay away from it as much as possible.

Small segments.

Pacing and Focus

Welcome to our new readers in Germany. Also, please keep linking us everywhere you can (when it's not a threat to your protection).

We still say keep away from everything you don't have to look at/see/read. We spend more time on other stuff that's far more condusive to your peace of mind. We could do another variation of the really old "it's a slow news cycle" joke. But what's the point.

How do you cope with despair? When it feels like all of the trauma is caving in on you, what helps you to not just snap? Unfortnately there's still too much one-sided attention paid to trauma survivors. Much of the time the MSM says vets=PTSD. But nobody ever says, hang on a minute. Battered moms and their kids have PTSD as well. Drive by shooting survivors have PTSD.

Nobody can be bothered to mess up their nice and neat soundbites?

In our opinion, Obama should declare this to be a threat to our "national security". Next question. How do you pay for this?

The first step is to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Because what's more important? Maintaining your global conquest and power? Or, the welfare of your citizens who pay for this stuff thru taxes?

Roughly 60% of the population say they're against these wars. That's 180 million people. What would happen if all of these people refused to pay their taxes? Where would the govt. find the jail space to house all of these people? What would the world reaction be to this?

Whether it's people or money, numbers can be manipulated only to a certain point. In this mid-term election year, the people in power will do anything they can to not deal with anything else that really matters.

This means that odds are nothing is really going to change. All the more reason to protect yourself at all costs.

Why? Because nobody else will do it for you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Helps You to Stay Balanced?

Into the weekend, but it's not a holiday weekend. Next weekend is a holiday weekend here and in many other countries. If it's not in yours, complain to the management.

We're trying to do tai chi and meditation twice a day. At times it feels like there's a little more focus. But then at other we have to fight to not black out. Part of the solution seems to be to keep your blood sugar balanced. It's the old thing of eat every few hours. As for your favorite sugary drinks, pace yourself. Then see what happens.

Went to the potential new therapist yeaterday. She seems nice and says she can help us. She doesn't use EMDR in her therapy. But her method seems to be a little more holistic overall. We'll talk to someone else there for a second opinion. But the point is we need to go somewhere. That's the important thing.

Do you have other things that help you to maintain your balance? If you use meditation, try to make your setting as comforting as possible. The better it is, the more benefits you can get out of it.

As for setting boundaries with e and voice mail, we say outsource it. If you can afford $5 per hour, why not do that? This allows you more time to protect yourself and get other things done. If it's good enough for a Fortune 500 CEO, why can't the rest of us use it and have more time too?

Just an idea.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Screen Everything

It's Friday. Lots of stuff to do today. Later we'll see the potential new therapist.

But also, it's cover a lot of bases in job hunting. Screen everything to protect yourself from triggering stuff. We still have to fight to focus. Stay off the stimulants. But it's still there.

Hyperawareness still happens as well. It doesn't matter that it looks at first like you're in a safe place. We still stand in a martial arts ready position to fight.

You have to do it. We scream and feel like we're going to snap in two. Then again, you have to get trauma out.

How's your balance today?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keep Your Balance

Staying in tonight to catch up on job hunting and some writing. Still staying away from all news unless we have to see it. Way too violent.

How's your focus right now? We still scream and fight to not black out. We'll turn everything off and go for a walk. Tomorrow we meet the potential new therapist. We'll see how that goes.

As for other stuff, we still stick to our boundaries.

Is this helping you as well?

How's Your Intuition?

It must be Thursday. How's your part of the world? If this is your first time here, thanks for checking us out. We have readers now in over 23 countries. Everywhere from Vancouver, B.C. to L.A. to N.Y.C. to London to Seoul. Please link us everywhere you can to help reach people who need it.

How's your focus? Feeling like you're plugged into everything that's going on? That's not just some 2012 New Age kind of idea. It's a common feeling among trauma survivors.

Another is a heightened sense of intuition. What are all the underlying reasons for that? We don't know. Apparently nobody's ever bothered to look into this. Most of the studies we've found online are geared towards vets.

No disrespect to vets who are struggling with trauma. But the truth is trauma affects everybody. Nobody wants to admit that. But it's true.

Why? One main reason is nobody wants to think about it. Another is it's like fighting going to the doctor or a dentist. You'll do ANYTHING to get away from it.

If you've had some horrible trauma happen to you and nobody's ever reassured you in any way, what kind of long-term effects does that have on you? Again, nobody's ever bothered to study this.

You can't tell us that it doesn't have any effect at all. The common response to this would be just shut up and get on with it. We don't have time to listen you bitch all day long.

Wrong answer. Human emotions aren't like a light switch that you can instantly turn on and off. However, lack of emotion (especially for trauma survivors) does have an effect. Short of a therapist, nobody else has ever given us a reassuring hug as we fight PTSD symptoms.

Is it because they're scared of us? Will they get raped too if they do?

Talk to any average person about being a rape survivor. Unless they're a therapist or a survivor themselves, 99.9% of them will (a) always say "sexual assault". And (b)will literally do anything they have to to get away from having to deal with you. Because of something that's not your fault.

Where's the logic in that?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Setting Your Boundaries

How's your part of the world? Here, we're pushing hard to maintain our boundaries.

It's frustrating at times when people talk to you and say they're concerned. Yet, they can't bear actually saying that you were raped. What do they almost always say? "Sexually assaulted". It's almost like they're do literally anything they can to get away from that.

Did they ever stop to think how insulting that is to the survivor? That's like getting raped. Then the cops who investigate it never ever say actually what happened to you. Kind of like "illegally borrowed money from a bank" instead of he robbed the bank.

Is it because that's "socially acceptable"? Is it because there's some stupid idea that says we just don't talk about things like THAT in polite society? Regardless of who it happened to.

However, for some reason it's perfectly ok to do that.

Well, actually it's not. Then again, we're not responsible for what others say and do. We can point stuff out to them. Then, if necessary, walk away.

Nobody wants to admit what happened to you. Then, they won't admit that you exist. After that, it's the old you really need to get help. But don't ever talk about this s**t around us.

You can't have it both ways.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latenight Peace and Quiet

Staying up late doing some more writing. You really have to be careful right now. Triggering stuff is everywhere. If you don't edit, then you'll be fighting dissociating for hours.

Stick to your boundaries. Also, unless you have to due to work, don't look at it/read it/or listen to it. Think of it as your one-person protest that can be done 24/7 from the privacy of your own home. You don't have to go out and march. You won't be in soem secret govt. database. You won't be arrested. You're protecting yourself and being heard. All at the same time.

Because, in this cutthroat global capitalist system that we live in, that's the only way to be heard. If you don't cut into someone's profit margin in a legal and non-violent way, they could care less.

Why not do it? Unfortunately, for whatever reason millions of people can't be bothered to do this. That's their choice. In our case, our protection comes first. Then, take it in small segments (unless this threatens you in some way).

We will not compromise our safety for anybody. What's your view on this?

It's a Global Thing

Hi to our new readers in Miami, North Carolina. Also in Durham, U.K. We don't know who you are. Then again, you don't know who we are. So it all balances out.

Fighting symptoms all day long. Lately the worst has been dissociating and lucid dreams. We check the room to make sure that there's no one or nothing bad here. Despite that, it still happens. Why? My multiples and little kid say there isn't one specific thing. But it's flooding out.

When we need to, we turn things off and go for a walk. Or, we just sit on the stairs and look out into the courtyard near our block. Yesterday it was raining. We just sat and listened to the rain and nothing else. No Blackberry. No voicemail. Nothing.

Friday we have an appointment with a potential new therapist. We'll see how it goes. There's still that underlying feeling of distrust. If you felt like nobody ever took you seriously, you'd have the same thing.

We set boundaries. Polite but firm. When we go to sleep at night, we still have a weapon in the room. We just feel better. We take one when we go out. Again, the same thing.

Just in our case, you have to fight back. We would never dream of dictating what to do to someone else. However, you have to do it. Now, do that AND everything else you have to do in the day. How do you get thru it?

We're still sticking to our no-news approach. If you ahead of time that something's bad, why put yourself in that situation? Even doing that, we still have to edit everything. Otherwise it means hours of fighting dissociating. While trying to look cool and calm on the outside.

Protection comes first. You don't owe anybody else a long, in-depth explanation of PTSD. Do what's necessary to keep your balance.

If you don't have to look at/read/watch something, don't. There are other things to do which will help you to feel better.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Body Mind Connection

Normally in this dog-eat-dog-and-soon-no-Net-Nuetrality-world we don't just give free plugs to anyone. Unless of course there's a great reason to.

Dr. Gabor Mate is a doctor practicing in Vancouver, B.C. His basic premise is this: there's a strong body/mind connection. This has all kinds of effects on your health and your suseptability to getting different diseases.

Consider some ideas and see how they fit into your overall healing:

It's possible to think yourself into being well.

Addicts become addicts thru no fault of their own. It's due to pre-dispositon. Also, individual circumstances. Another factor is lack of emotional support. Why then do we spend billions and lock these people away?

Meditating can actually raise the melatonin level in your body.

Is it possible to die of lonliness? In some cases, yes.

Extremely high acidic content in your body can make you more vunerable to a wide range of diseases.

Not getting anger out in a healthy way can be just as toxic as putting all kinds of additives in your body.

Do any of these fit into your overall healing? What helps you to get your anger out in a non-threatening way (to either you or anyone else)?

One last thought. On a really good day when you feel like you're in the groove, why is that? Is it just emotions? Or, is it because you're tapped into lots of positive chi?

Something to consider.

A Nice Quiet Afternoon

Staying home for a while before going out and more job hunting. We finally got past the stomach flu.

But also, today it's nice and quiet. There's literally nothing to watch or read online that's not a threat. This means music in short segments before it's too much. Why is it too much? We're not sure.

However, everything else is a threat. Hyperawareness, dissociating and fighting to focus are still there. Additives and caffeiene are too much. If we have some of those, sometimes we hallucinate. We won't trigger you here with the specifics. But, there's some connection. Exactly what we're not sure.

Protect yourself at all costs. Especially right now.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How Are You Coping?

A nice and hot weekend. The pool's nice. You can cook next to it and bring in your drinks. All you want.

The tought part? We still have to fight to focus and feel like we woke up. Then at other times there's crippling despair.

Almost everything still feels like a threat. On the other hand, it's nice to not spend hours watching violent stuff that we really don't need to.

Ying and yang?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Healing on the Weekend

Almost lunchtime. No news. A nice steak sandwich sounds good.

A quiet day, and just focus on balance. If the govt. needs us to save the world, they couldn't afford our fee anyway. So why worry about it?

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoy This

Too tired to write right now. So let's take a break from symptoms and everything else. Enjoy this and please, don't sue us, ok? It's for theraputic purposes :).

Screaming to Focus (Contains Graphic Content)

It's a busy Friday. Work's being done on the roof of our building. Lots of cleaning to do inside. Also, screaming to focus and not dissociate.

We still don't know what's going on in the world. It's all a threat.

Protect youself at all costs.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Nice Quiet Night In

Staying home tonight. Also, no noise. No Blackberry, no endless violent stimulus from the Net. Nothing.

Just peace and quiet. We can also hold down solid food again! But everything feels like a threat. If we go out someplace, we have to think out what to do in case of various things. We don't have the option of not doing that.

Everything has to be edited. Sights, sounds, people. Noises, colors, key words and/or phrases. The mere sight of some foods are violent triggers. You don't have the luxury of casually walking in and nothing will happen. Odds are that nobody in the store is going to kill you. On the other hand, hyperawareness is a huge problem for lots of people.

You feel like you're getting bombarded and you want to scream. You feel trapped in a cage and no one will let you out. How do deal with that?

Much of society still refuses to realize that trauma survivors are a big part of the population. We wish we had some brilliant solution that might lead to a Nobel Prize or something. But we don't.

Short of it, do everything you have to to protect yourself. Right now, we don't read, watch or listen to ANYTHING online (or live) unless we have to. Because that's what's called for. Endless horrible symptoms aren't worth it.

It's kind of nice right now. We also got caught up on some composing as well. Two jazz tunes and one that's world music.

And it's not even 10 p.m. yet.

More Healing

It's Thursday. News-wise, leave us out of it.

Still feeling run down. But at least we can hold down more liquids. Now, the big challenge is a sandwich and a drink.

Stick to your balance.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Shut Everything off and Heal (Contains Graphic Content)

Sorry we've been offline for a while. We came down with a really bad stomach virus. Couldn't sleep or hold anything down for about three days. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some medication. Then stocked up on some soup. Today, it's can-we-hold-down-soup-and-white-tea? So far a little better.

Symptom wise, don't ask us what's going in the world because we have no idea. There's way too much violent stimulus practically everywhere. Our rule right now is this:

If you asbsolutely have to watch, listen to or read something, do it. But edit everything. If not, don't do it.

A lot of things that may have been second nature now are threats. You literally have to say, do we really need to see this? If not, don't watch it. Odds are you're not getting paid to do it. It's not homework. Therefore, why risk your being centered?

We still have the usual survivor frustrations re: will anyone ever listen or admit that we exist? But you have to keep in mind that yo're not responsible for what they say and do. Yeah, it's really disappointing that they do and say stuff like that. But it's not your job to singlehandedly save the world from all the evil people. That's a common survivor trait.

When necessary, if you can unplug. Turn everything off and go for a walk. If you're at home and there's a pool, lay out or go for a swim. If you practice tai chi, go out barefoot on the grass and work out. You'll soak up healthy chi which will help your balance.

As for triggering stimulus, be as aware as you can of your own limits. Every survivor has their own story, symptoms and frustrations to deal with. But also, everyone has their limits as far as triggering stimulus goes. Respect those boundaries and protect yourself however necessary.

Key point of the day. There's no intl. law that says you MUST give a in-depth explanation of PTSD to everyone who asks for it (including citations that you base your information on). If you luck out and the other person can deal with you being a survivor, that's one thing. But if not, what's the point? One, it's none of their business. And two, not to be rude about it. But unless they're a trauma survivor, they'll never get it.

Today, music only in short segments. Nothing else. Some light cleaning at home and then an easy swim (if the pool's open).

NOTE: We never intentionally try to trigger anyone else. However, at times we talk about how it can get in trying to deal with PTSD from beng raped. If this bothers you, please stop reading, go elsewhere. Then, maybe try again later. If it doesn't bother you, thanks and keep reading.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chill Out Day

Today, we're staying away from any and all news. Lots of soothing snacks and something to drink. Later, maybe some easy stretching, meditation and tai-chi.

Have you ever had the feeling that you know everything that's going on? And, everyone else doesn't? You're about 7 steps ahead and ask, what's the point?

Continue to care. But be very selective about where you put your time and energy.

Time to go out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finding the Right Balance

Today, hot and muggy. After this, a good time to hit the pool.

The tough part is fighting to not dissociate and fall apart. It's like a constant battle to not disappear. Now add to that everything else that needs to be done.

How do you fight to not black out? Do you feel bombarded all the time with stimulus? What helps you to feel like you have some control?

A key for us is the diet. Our tolerance for acidic foods and other stuff is almost gone. Does this mean we have to go vegan? We've tried that before, and it didn't work out.

Time to swim.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fighting Hard to Not Black Out

It is Friday. But also, we're fighting to not black out. Dissociating is still there. So is hypervigiliance. Also lucid dreams (usually at the worst times).

We've changed a lot in the diet. When we go out we have to plan everything ahead of time. Just in case symptoms flare up, what do we do? Many times you think you're ok. And then suddenly you feel like you're getting assaulted by stimulus from every direction. There's no place to hide. So where do you go?

Do you blackout from symptoms? How do you cope when you come to and you have no idea of what happened? Do you lose track of time in situations? Do your multiples lash out, and then you have to explain what you said when you have no idea of what you just said?

How do cope with this if it happens all the time?

One thing that helps us is boundaries. Unless you have to look at something, don't. You don't have to be on call 24/7. Besides, could a future boss meet my asking price if they really wanted that in THIS economy?

Protection comes first. If necessary, hang up or walk away. If you're a trauma survivor, you don't owe everyone an in-depth explanation of PTSD.

The body mind connection isn't just a cool title of a best-selling book. In our opinion, it exists. Chi (natural energy) does exist. If you agree, then how do you use it in the healthiest way?

Walk around you house barefoot. If it's a nice day, walk barefoot outside on the grass. Soaking up chi is like radio. Some days the reception is great. Sometimes it's not for many reasons.

Our suggestion? Use it as much as possible. See how it helps your balance.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Staying off Stimulants

Today, stay away from all stimulants as much as possible. For the past few nights, we had almost no sleep at all. It feels like we have no tolerance for anything. A tiny amount of tea keeps us up all night. Fresh salsa with almost no additives keeps us up all night. Is there anything that we can have? We're not sure.

Everywhere you look, there are still triggers. There's no point in looking at 99% of it. This means lots of new CD's online and other stuff. If we go out, we have to plan everything. Because we still have hyperawareness and feel at times like we're trapped. Way too much stimulus everywhere you turn.

Is any of this happening to you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting the Word Out

Welcome to our new readers in Glasgow, South Africa and Australia. Proof that global networking does work.

How's your online protection these days? Almost all of the tools that you need are online (and many are free). It's just a matter of where to look.

Now, with all of the talk about govt. spying, Wikileaks, someone coming to arrest you in the middle of the night, what should you do?

In our opinion, a few things. Bear with us if you've heard these before.

First, most "anti-terrorist" computer systems are looking for key words or phrases in the data that they mine. Unless you're consistently saying things like death to Obama and other phrases, odds are nobody's going to red flag you.

Second, what's the key element with the top people at Wikileaks? From what we know, they're all hackers. Assuming that's true, that's one reason why they have so many
safeguards in their procedures and systems.

Use the same basic idea. Think like a hacker. If someone really wants to out you or steal personal stuff from you, how do you stop them? Think of every possible way they could do it. Then, block each step that they try.

Another idea. Vary your content as much as possible. Don't leave obvious dots for someone to connect.

All of these are perfectly legal. Also, until Obama officially declares martial law, we still have freedom of speech.

We're not saying don't speak out. Just the opposite. Protect yourself as you do. That way, you know that someone is listening.

We now have readers in 23 countries. 99% of the time nobody posts comments.

But that's ok. Why? Because everyone heals at different rates. If you want to, the option is there.

Please keep linking this blog everywhere you think it will help. The MSM wants nothing to do with us. Which means it's their loss.

An Extremely High Trigger Index

It's one of those everywhere-you-look-there's-a-huge-problem days. If you don't have to follow any of the news, don't. If you have to, edit everything.

But also, this. We're not responsible for this stuff. Yes, we know it's there. We also know that it's important to be aware of it. On the other hand, you have to pick your battles. A one-person protest probably won't work.

Therefore, you have to choose. Is this worth my time by myself? Or, protection does come first.

We choose to protect ourselves. Because if you're not feeling balanced, what good would that do with others?

Just one opinion.

Monday, August 9, 2010

August. Also Known as Disaster Month?

Welcome to our new readers in Canada and in Moscow. Best of luck in trying to cope with the heat wave and fires.

It seems like there are two key catagories in the news right now:

(a) Everybody's out of town for the August break.
(b) Everyone else is dealing with a war or some natural disaster.

Our suggestion? Unless you have to watch this, turn it off. Don't read it, watch it. Or listen to it. Instead, do all the other things that you usually talk about but feel like you never have time to do.

While these things are horrible, on the other hand do you really need to see the same stock footage run a million times in the background? Do you really need to watch a report with the same footage by some reporter who's pretending to be there but obviously isn't?

Stay away from it and protect yourself. Start your new website. Write the book you've put off for how long now? If you can, take a trip to some cool new place (in every sense of the word).

It come down to protecting your health. It doesn't mean that you're not aware and don't care. Instead, if you're not in good shape, how can you then expect to help others?

Just one opinion.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's What You Do. And the Effects it Has on You

Having a nice weekend? Had a group job interview earlier today. Went well and they say they'll let us know by the end of the week. Which means more networking and followups.

How are your symptoms? One thing we find is as you lay off the junk food, you're more aware of the effects of things on you. Maybe some Doritos used to be second nature. Now after two you're bombarded with salt and other additives.

How's your focus these days? We still have to fight at times to not black out. Hyperawareness is still a problem in crowded places. So we stick with the meditation and tai chi.

Any tips on what helps you to focus? Keep in mind that we don't keep a secret file on you when you post. We know your general location (thanks to our very cool global map). But that's it.

So the govt. isn't going to come and knock on your door with a copy of you post. At least not yet (if we have anything to say about it).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Connection to Wikileaks

Just found out that Wikileaks is using our high trigger/stress ratings for many of their postings. Normally we'd sue. Then again, they have the powerful attorneys who work for free. We have no attorneys at all. Memo to Julian Assange: this time we'll let it go. But in the future, would an email or call first be too much to ask?

We think we've caught up on our sleep. Last night we went to bed really early because it wasn't worth it. Tomorrow a job interview. So things are looking up in some places.

But enough about us. How's your part of the world? How ar you dealing with all of your stress? We still say only look/read/listen if you have to. Another good tactic to use? Don't spend your money in a place if necessary.

If you don't force them to change, that's all right. The point is that you have the peace of mind of doing the right thing. You don't have to have an MBA from (fill in the blank with a famous business school name) to figure this stuff out.

Have no connection with them in any way. Because there are alternatives.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Protection Comes First

These days, it seems like there are too many things to save and not enough time in the day. You have the "I can singlehandedly save the world. And then make it home in time for dinner" feeling. But the truth is, you can't do that.

How do you deal with that? How do you break things into small segments and then work on them that way? Right now, we only look at "The News" if we have to. Otherwise, we stay away.

Why? Because we feel like we're about three steps ahead. We see what's going on. We know who will do what. Who will respond and how they'll respond. Then, what will the next response be. Which means either we should be president of our own network. Or, maybe the head of some govt. agency.

Then again, who needs that kind of stress?

No sleep at all last night. There's lots of anger and fighting not to black out. At times we shake violently and feel like we're going to snap. At other times we just turn things off and look out the window. Despair is still crippling.

Does any of this happen to you?

Please link us to everywhere you think it will help. Also, pass on our Twitter channel:


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Balancing Trying to Be Heard

Like they say, it's all ying/yang. Balance is the key.

You try for that in your own situation. But as for the rest of the world, nobody seems to care about that.

This can apply to surviving trauma and other things as well.

Our suggestion? If necessary, use the economic power that you have to get someone's attention. If they don't listen, don't add to their profit margin.

How do you do this is entirely up to you. But also, can one person bring down a giant global corporation?

Maybe not. On the other hand, think of your peace of mind that comes from protecting your balance.

Protection comes first. Also, you have to fight back. In our opinion, just "going with your feelings" doesn't work.

There are other ways to get your information.

Build your own network. And whatever you do, for God's sake don't have any connection to the nutcase teabaggers. Trust us, it's not worth it.

22 Countries and Counting

How ya goin'? Welcome to our new readers in Sri Lanka and South Africa. Please spread this blog everywhere you think it will help. But also not endanger your healing in the process.

Fighting more symptoms today. What helps us? We're not responsible for what others do and say. Instead of anger at those who won't admit that we exist, we get our message out thru here. We also have some other ways to do it. But job hunting comes first.

A suggestion. Set boundaries that you feel help you. Then stick to them. There's no law that says you MUST answer every mobile call 24/7. That's why God invented voice and email.

So what if you call someone back the next day (or Monday after a weekend)? You don't HAVE to be on all the time. At least 99.9% us don't. Why then put yourself under unnecessary stress?

We check our voice and email two times a day. And that's it.

Try this and see what happens.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How ya goin'?

How's your Tuesday? Welcome to our new readers in Itay and India. Which means we're now read in 20 countries. Only 180 to go.

How's your focus? Keep in mind you have no control over what others do and say. But you have to protect yourself. That comes first.

Have a nice day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fighting to Focus

Doing okay today? We're fighting to focus. Dissociating when you open your eyes in the morning is still a problem. But you keep going.

Have a good day.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wikileaks, SB1070 and Trauma

How's your weekend? It turns out that we were right regarding the diet. Our tolerance for acidic food and spices is way down. Which means more changes to still feel there's some spiciness to food.

Despite being a slow news month, triggers are everywhere. It's not only the content. But also how many react to it.

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A racist law in Arizona. Massive amounts of trauma connected to all of this.

Is anybody paying attention to that in all of this? It doesn't look like it. Instead, it's where's the angle to hype? Do we really need to read Julian Assange's poetry? What the **** does that have to do with anything?

What it means is that many in power are trying to counterspin Wilileaks and the sane people who oppose SB1070. It also means that we'll treat Assange like a presidential candidate/rock star god/whatever. Besides, turf wars between Wikileaks and their competition (Cryptome, WMR and others) iare WAY more interesting than the same old boring stock footage of dead bodies.

Is screening and treating the Afghan population for PTSD part of our campaign to win "hearts and minds"? Who cares. There's nothing to hype in that.

The rest of the world wants us to leave. The corporate MSM doesn't want you to know that. So we'll do their job for them.

Looking for Some Stability

Today, it feels like there's a bit more stability. Yesterday, we thought we were going to black out. But now, we're still sticking to our boundaries.

We still have to edit everything. Hyperawareness is still a problem in crowded places. As for others never admitting that you exist, you have no control over what others do or say.

Feel free to post your comments here. Also, please link this to everywhere you think it'll help. Unlike many other blogs, we're not selling anything here. There's no pledge drives or any of that.

Right now, we're read in almost 20 countries. Now, only roughly 180 to go.