Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Helps You to Stay Balanced?

Into the weekend, but it's not a holiday weekend. Next weekend is a holiday weekend here and in many other countries. If it's not in yours, complain to the management.

We're trying to do tai chi and meditation twice a day. At times it feels like there's a little more focus. But then at other we have to fight to not black out. Part of the solution seems to be to keep your blood sugar balanced. It's the old thing of eat every few hours. As for your favorite sugary drinks, pace yourself. Then see what happens.

Went to the potential new therapist yeaterday. She seems nice and says she can help us. She doesn't use EMDR in her therapy. But her method seems to be a little more holistic overall. We'll talk to someone else there for a second opinion. But the point is we need to go somewhere. That's the important thing.

Do you have other things that help you to maintain your balance? If you use meditation, try to make your setting as comforting as possible. The better it is, the more benefits you can get out of it.

As for setting boundaries with e and voice mail, we say outsource it. If you can afford $5 per hour, why not do that? This allows you more time to protect yourself and get other things done. If it's good enough for a Fortune 500 CEO, why can't the rest of us use it and have more time too?

Just an idea.

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