Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Setting Your Boundaries

How's your part of the world? Here, we're pushing hard to maintain our boundaries.

It's frustrating at times when people talk to you and say they're concerned. Yet, they can't bear actually saying that you were raped. What do they almost always say? "Sexually assaulted". It's almost like they're do literally anything they can to get away from that.

Did they ever stop to think how insulting that is to the survivor? That's like getting raped. Then the cops who investigate it never ever say actually what happened to you. Kind of like "illegally borrowed money from a bank" instead of he robbed the bank.

Is it because that's "socially acceptable"? Is it because there's some stupid idea that says we just don't talk about things like THAT in polite society? Regardless of who it happened to.

However, for some reason it's perfectly ok to do that.

Well, actually it's not. Then again, we're not responsible for what others say and do. We can point stuff out to them. Then, if necessary, walk away.

Nobody wants to admit what happened to you. Then, they won't admit that you exist. After that, it's the old you really need to get help. But don't ever talk about this s**t around us.

You can't have it both ways.

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