Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pushing The Envelope (Reading this post might get you arrested)

Here, we really try to only talk about helpful holistic things. But the powers that be keep doing such stupid s**t that we have to deviate a little.

Therefore, let's try a new idea.

Welcome to our global readers. Especially our fans who apparently are in the intelligence community Inside the D.C. Beltway. Now, if some govt. agency is spending our tax money to monitor this site for "subversive terrorist content", we say, get a new job. Then, get a life.

The govt. says they're "officially" not doing it. But in reality that means that they are. Normally, the NSA, CIA and other agencies data mine. They sift through all communications looking for key words or phrases to justify starting a file on you.

Having said that, let's try a test and see what happens:

Under intl. law, these things should be done.

Bush II, Obama and everyone else involved in perpetuating wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan should be fired, arrested and tried for war crimes.

Everyone who gives Tony Blair any kind of support should also be arrested and tried as an accomplice for war crimes. Can the country live with Jon Stewart being a war criminal?

As you're reading this, one person will die from lack of health care. They won't be a "featured case" that the Administration will use to push their policies. They'll die, and most people will have no clue who they were.

Obama is just a packaged political brand to maintain the Democrats lock on power.

The top two parties only care about money and power. They'll literally do anything they have to stop any threat to that.

More people are renouncing their citizenship to protest dual taxation and paying for illegal and immoral wars.

If someone invades the U.S., people who fight back are considered "patriots". If Iraqis, Afghans or Pakistanis do the same, they're "terrorists"?

Under intl. law, U.S. troops in these places are all legitimate targets.

Would you risk your life for an illegal and immoral war?

Key people in Congress are making millions off of these wars. How come nobody's prosecuting them? Oh, right. That's capitalism at work.

In most states, if you publically criticize Israel, you can lose your job.

Is Obama making money off of the wars? He and his wife are multi-millionaires.

John Kerry and Diane Feinstein have made the most money in the Senate from defense industry investments. Will anybody impeach and then prosecute them for war crimes?

If I defraud someone, I'll go to jail. Hank Paulson defrauded the entire country and made a billion dollars out of it. Will he ever go to jail?

Tomorrow, Rahn Emmanuel will resign and run for mayor of Chicago. Will his replacement be any better? No. Second, isn't it a threat to "national security" when the Chief of Staff is a dual citizen who served in another country's war? And, who could legally be called to serve again in the future?

war ciminal
massive fraud
terrorist state
and more

Now, let's see if we get flagged.

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