Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Need Peace and Quiet(Contains Graphic Content)

Everything's turned off right now. It's literally not safe to watch, read or listen to practically anything. It's like everywhere you turn you're about five steps ahead of everyone else. You're thinking, you're just NOW seeing this?

Lots of breaks right now. We'll go sit outside and just listen to the wind in the trees. The rain falling down. Then a break. Then more rain falling down. But it has nothing to do with global warming.

Some say they're frustrated that millions don't unite and change a lot of stuff. Our suggestion: you have no control over what others do and say. There are laws in place to govern certain things. If you're a boss, that's power to a certain extent. But aside from those, as much as it pisses you off, you can't force people to act.

This means that even thought they know it's the right thing to act, their apathy means they live with the consequences.

Just set that aside and concentrate on your own healing. You can only deal with so much.

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