Monday, September 6, 2010

When in Doubt, Think Globally

A special welcome to our new readers near London and in Warsaw. Thanks for spreading us everywhere it might help without endangering your healing.

We did our meditation for tonight. Soon we'll do our tai chi as well. We're trying for 2 times a day.

It feels like symptoms still lash out. There's no one reason why. Despite that, it's hard to literally not black out. In crowded places, we still take our Blackberry or Ipod and just plug in the headphones. It's too much stimulus.

If you need to, do you turn everything off and just sit by a window? Go outside for a walk. We sit out on a stoop and can look out over a park in our area.

Decide for yourself. Is it necesarry to do this? You could expand that into all kinds of areas. But with trauma, just stay away from it. Think of it this way. You'll save money. You'll have more time for other stuff that's way more fun. You'll just feel better.

How is trauma and mental health viewed in your part of the world? Do people believe in a body/mind connection? Or, are mental health problems seen as a weakness?

Keep your options open and protect yourself at all costs.

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