Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Does This Happen to You?

There's emptiness and the feeling of cover bases. During the day we just turn everything off and sit out on the balcony. Are you sure of where you are? Do you fight flashbacks and try to stay grounded, no matter what happens?

At times we just sit and listen to quiet. No endless newsbites, no pointless politicians going on about stuff that you know is a lie. No feeling like you have to listen to everything in the global 24/7 news cycle. You don't. Many times we feel like we're the only ones who see everything. We know what's going to happen and what the responses will be. Why bother then to look?

Lately, a lot has been in 10 second segments. How do we get thru this one? What do we do now? Nightmares and flashbacks still happen. We still have to fight our way out of lucid dreams (at the worst times).

Do you still struggle with feeling abandoned? It's like you stand at a corner with your stuff in a bag, and you look all around. Nobody's going to come and talk to you. No one will help you in any way. Will anyone admit that you even exist? It feels like they won't.

What do you do then? Do you feel like you have to cure yourself? If nobody else can be bothered, do I have to do everything? What do I do? Where do I go?

I don't know if this is common for all survivors. In our case, at times there's an awareness of your life. It's there in the sense of lots of things. The natural thing of wanting to be heard and feeling like one other person actually thinks that you matter. Flashbacks happen and you fight to maintain some sense of balance.

Yet the despair is still there. Does it ever go away?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trying for Balance

More record heat today. Also, more emptiness. You go thru the day and do different stuff. However, the emptiness is still there. You still have to fight to keep some sense of balance.

What do you do? It's hard at times to do the smallest things. How do you go from your couch to your front door? How do you go from your door to your car without blacking out? We just want some sense of balance.

TIme for another 30 second segment.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Breakthrough?

Is it a breakthrough? We don't know. It feels like the full reality of how severe our symptoms have been is finally hitting. You feel empty and don't know what to do. It's still there.

You're paralyzed and not sure of what to say or do. It's not your fault. Yet, aside from two live therapists that helped for short periods of time, there's literally almost no one else that has helped.
Anger, frustration and fighting to not black out.

You have to keep your sense of balance. Flashbacks come out of nowhere. Do you know where you are? Sometimes we don't.

What do we do now?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Security Tips for You

Time now for your security tips for the day. Not brought to you by any intl. intelligence agency.

As you post, try not to leave any obvious clues that a hacker or the NSA could connect. Both are data mining. They're looking for dots to connect to then out you. Unless you get my IP address, you'd have an extremely difficult time trying to find me. My suggestion then is don't even try.

Second, use secure email. There are companies online that offer a range of accounts and features. If Obama can use secure communications, why can't the rest of us?

More as it happens.

New Stuff for You

Be patient as I keep adding new stuff. I have no personal assistant (in person or virtual). Which means do everything yourself. Maybe not mentioning words like small salary, unpaid internship and others might help?

Since this content is free, please keep in mind no spamming. If you're a trauma specialist and help people, great. However, no trolling here for clients. Thanks.

Here's an Idea

My vacation home in Tibet? Not quite. However, at times when you're dealing with trauma, how
often do you want to turn things off and just go for a walk? Or, go to the beach and just lay out?

In this 24/7 mega celebrity hype news cycle world, do you feel like nobody's listening to you? The world is telling you either keep up or shut up?

How do you deal with that? Unless you're somebody's boss or the parent of kid(s) under 18,
there's not much you can do. You can set boundaries. If necessary, walk away no matter
how nasty it gets.

It's not your fault. Why then do you deserve more abuse?

The Latest

Just checked with some more sources. It turns out that yes, we were either hacked or censored by Google. We didn't violate their Terms of Service. We didn't advocate violence (overthrow the govt, kill Obama, etc.).

What else could it be? Have you been censored by Google or someone else for your content? Let us know.

We've Been Censored by Google

Some shocking news. We just checked our other section ( For whatever reason, it's still up. However, we can't access it anymore.

Why? Was it hacked? Is it because we were too explicit for Google? I don't know. This means that for now, we're back to everything on one blog.

Sorry for the confusion. Blame Google.