Monday, July 4, 2016

A Holiday. But Still Don't Dissociate

How has your 4th been? Here, it's try to chill out, yet protect yourself from dissociating and body pain. We now have nothing to hide behind.

Protect yourself and no matter what, don't dissociate. How do you cope with pain?


Twilight Zone said...

Hey, so much of your life is like mine, except your symptoms are more severe. Did you ever think that we are having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation? The human brain protects itself from trauma and won't let people understand it. That's why no one acknowledges our condition, they can't comprehend and their brain won't let them. People who've been through it, their brains are exposed to it so they are hyper protective. We no longer have faith that everything will be fine. We know better. Who would ever leave the house if they knew they'd be raped, assaulted, in an accident. No one. You are a very brave to push outside your comfort zone and venture out. People are really evil and I don't get why bit at least now I know it and protect against them. The truth hurts. Does time heal?

soho44 said...

Thanks for the support.