Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Make Yourself Heard (Contains Potentially Triggering Stuff)

How's the day looking? Here, we're taking some new herbal supplements. So far, a little more stability at times.

It also seems like everywhere you look, triggering stuff is still going on. Which means a few ideas to consider:

Why not put Stimulus money into holistic health research and tax breaks to help develop new ideas? Can billions of Chinese be wrong about acupuncture?

How do you cope when it feels like everything in a store is a threat?

The banks won't extend credit to people here. But they'll do it for lots of new customers in Beijing and Shanghai?

We're not calling for idiotic stuff like protectionism and more. Instead, find reliable information and protect yourself. If you have no personal assistant, it does take time.

Then again, in this global economy (and it will never go away), act in a positive way. Sure, at first it may feel like NOBODY knows and seems to care. On the other hand, the old rule of quality content and promotion still apply.

Especially now, people want a helpful service that doesn't have a negative connotation to it. Which also means that many will pay for it.

Beyond that, you're on your own.

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