Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Balance is the Key

How's your day/evening/early morning? Being a global blog, we have to think in 24 time zones. Which means in the U.K., you're eating desert. In Moscow, you should be asleep by now. Meanwhile in New Delhi, it's almost time for the a.m. news. Then, in Singapore, it's another tieless day at the office.

No matter what your location is, one thing connects everybody. More stress overall.

Job, family, home, lack of said job and home, domestic violence. The list keeps going. Yet, in your part of the world, do you find that you can get the help you need? Or, is "mental illness" looked down on?

If we wanted to, we could get into yet another theoretical debate about mental health. Is PTSD a "psychiatric" illness or an emotional problem? We say it's an emotional problem that nobody wants to admit exists.

Think for a second. Why not?

It hits too close to home.
Just shut up and deal with it.
If you were stupid enough to get (fill in the blank), that's your problem.
And various other stuff.

Aside from here, we don't speak out in other venues. Because right now there are way too many double standards. People say they want trauma survivors to get help. But then the next minute they won't admit that they exist.

What are these people supposed to do? We won't rehash stats about high drug abuse, suicide and other rates.

Instead, we'll pose this question. Imagine if the worst happened and you became a trauma survivor. Some horrible thing happened to you and as a result you now have PTSD. It could be mild or very severe.

People tell you you need to get help. But don't ever talk about this stuff around me.

What are you supposed to do? You don't want to kill yourself or abuse yourself to death. Yet, nobody will admit you exist. Nobody's going to help you. Why? Because weakness isn't tolerated. Just shut up and get on with it. Nobody has time to listen to you.

Point #1. You didn't ask for this. Point #2. You don't enjoy all the pain and humiliation you go thru on a daily basis to try and heal. Despite these, you're expected to just go away and deal with it.

What are you supposed to do?

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