Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peace and Quiet

No noise, no clips, nothing. We're just focusing our chi.

Shut everything off and just sit back. Focus on yor deep breathing and the flow of chi through your body. Don't worry so much about directing it. Just be aware of it all over.

A suggestion. Try to do this several times a day. Why? Your balance. Don't you deserve to take the breaks and be nice to your health?

There's your "traditional medical doctor". Then there's a holistic view.

We're not saying all traditional doctors are bad. What we are saying is this. Experts can fight over your case file all day long. But in the end you decide what you feel is best for you. Sounds obvious. But it's important to keep in mind.

We've had beter luck with holistic treatments than traditional. As for saving the country and giving everyone universal care, we can't do that. What we can do is keep priorities in mind.

Your balance comes first.
Boundaries are there to protect your overall health. Emphasis on overall.
99% of the time, if you say no the world won't end.
If you really want to help others, how can you do that when you run yourself into the ground? Being sick is not helping anyone.

Another suggestion. Lots of new studies show that a plant based diet can be very helpful for trauma survivors. Please fight the urge to do any what-the-hell-do-studies-tell-you-anyway jokes.

Instead, think about this. If you eat meat all the time, unless it's totally organic, it has lots of fat in it. Also, protein is being shown to have connections to a higher chance of some cancers. Why then load your body down with all of this junk?

If you wanna go veggie, try it. If not, cut meat down to one day a week. Then see how you feel.

Just some ideas.

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