Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dinner Thoughts (No, not who's going to pick up the check?)

Just finished a nice barbacue dinner. Now, time for a few thoughts.

First, hello to our new readers in Ottawa, Canada. I know at times it looks really bad here. But keep in mind there are some of us who know that Tommy Douglas was (a) Donald Sutherland's ex father-in-law. Also (b) the guy who invented universal health care in Canada.

Having said that, when trying to keep your balance, look at the different things that fit together:

Avoiding all triggering stuff as much as possible. Do you REALLY have to look at that? If not, it's not worth it.

Cutting into someone's profit margin is a protest that will get their attention.

Think of the other stuff you can do with more time not wasted on the triggering stuff.

Boundaries are there to help you be able to say no when necessary. Also, to help you get anger out in hopefully a good and not bad way. Because it will come out.

If you deal with anger, can you then literally think your way to a good balance? Yes, that's a big part of it.

We're meditating twice a day now. 30 minutes at a stretch (unless we feel the need to go further). It does help you to feel more focused.

How come the millions of progressives who say we need to change things now won't act? Because you have no control over them, that's why. Everybody lives with the consequences of their actions (or inaction).

Lots of anger and dspair at times. But you have to keep going.

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