Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Be Seen and Heard (No Connection to the Python Sketch)

As we all know, it's a rough period in many ways. Protecting your health, job and more in a totally uncertain situation.

This means you have to look at this and say, how do I act and feel like I'm doing the right thing and NOT hurting my balance?

The answer? Selective activism. There's just not enough time in the day to save everything and everyone. Also, it's not your job or ours to do that.

What comes first? Protection. Screening everything necessary to not have even more symptoms to fight. Only look at what you have to.

Here's another idea. If you have problems with adrenalin surges, look at your diet. In addition, give yourself a vigorous massage/towel rubdown a few times a day. We find that this does help for a while so you can do other stuff.

Meditation twice a day feels like the right way to go. You can do some basic reiki exercises anywhere to help focus your chi. And nobody will know.

Maybe we need to drink more water and eat more alkaline food. But we won't go vegggie. We tried it and it doesn't work.

Just one view.

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