Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Far Would You Go?

Still the weekend. Which means we're making the most of it when you have to stay in.

Without triggering anyone, there's lots of talk these days about uniting and doing the right thing. As Naomi Klein says (will she pay us for this exclusive free plug? Probably not), "make a progressive movement exciting, sexy. And impossible to avoid".

In theory, sounds great. We could also extend that to trauma survivors. Imagine a new lobby in Washington specifically for trauma survivors. If you can have lobbyists for literally everthing else, why not this?

Unfortunately, you then run into problems.

Who funds it?
Who leads it?
Why should we follow this leader?
How do we make ourselves heard?
Also, how do you seperate egos from the overall cause? Is that impossible to do? Probably yes.

If your group doesn't have a "name" attached to it, how many people will pay attention? How many people will call or email back? There is no progressive network here. But also, nobody wants to be connected with it.

How far would you go to be heard (without putting your healing at risk)? If you couldn't get help in your current area, would you sell everything if necessary and go elsewhere to get help? No connections at all in a new place. Strictly to get the help that you know you need and can't get.

We almost did that. We moved to our current area because we couldn't afford to stay in the last city. We'll find something here (jobs, a new therapist and more).

Not to say we're perfect in our activism. However, if push comes to shove, how far would you go to do what you know is right? Would you risk jailtime? Would you renounce your citizenship?

If you want corporate MSM air time, the story has to be sexy. It has to have "legs". Otherwise, who cares?

They didn't want to pay attention. Now, we have our own network. In addition, thanks to your help we're now read in over 23 countries. We don't know who you are. But you are there.

The point here? Trauma has to come out. Therefore, do everything you can to get it out in the most non-threatening way you can.

Then see what happens.

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