Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time to Go Out

Hi to our new readers in Florida and Colorado. Thanks and keep linking us everywhere you can.

Time to go out for shopping and checking out some new job leads. Normally this sounds perfectly harmless. But in our case we have to think about all of the angles:

What happens if symptoms get really bad?
Where do we go?
What if there's no place to hide?
What if hyperawareness is really bad?

We still take a weapon with us when we go. A handgun's out of the question. For now, it's usually a knife carefully hidden in our bag. Just from previous experience, you have to protect yourself. Even if a lot of what happens is lucid dreams.

How do you cope with lucid dreams? Lately they happen at intersections or in a crowded place. Everything is magnified. Every sight, sound color and noise. The person on the other side of the aisle. Are they a threat? How do we stop them? What's our weapon? We still plan out moves all the time because you have to.

Lucid dream or not, nobody's ever going to rape us again. The rest of the world says "sexual assault". But we say call it what it is.

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