Monday, August 9, 2010

August. Also Known as Disaster Month?

Welcome to our new readers in Canada and in Moscow. Best of luck in trying to cope with the heat wave and fires.

It seems like there are two key catagories in the news right now:

(a) Everybody's out of town for the August break.
(b) Everyone else is dealing with a war or some natural disaster.

Our suggestion? Unless you have to watch this, turn it off. Don't read it, watch it. Or listen to it. Instead, do all the other things that you usually talk about but feel like you never have time to do.

While these things are horrible, on the other hand do you really need to see the same stock footage run a million times in the background? Do you really need to watch a report with the same footage by some reporter who's pretending to be there but obviously isn't?

Stay away from it and protect yourself. Start your new website. Write the book you've put off for how long now? If you can, take a trip to some cool new place (in every sense of the word).

It come down to protecting your health. It doesn't mean that you're not aware and don't care. Instead, if you're not in good shape, how can you then expect to help others?

Just one opinion.

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