Friday, August 13, 2010

Fighting Hard to Not Black Out

It is Friday. But also, we're fighting to not black out. Dissociating is still there. So is hypervigiliance. Also lucid dreams (usually at the worst times).

We've changed a lot in the diet. When we go out we have to plan everything ahead of time. Just in case symptoms flare up, what do we do? Many times you think you're ok. And then suddenly you feel like you're getting assaulted by stimulus from every direction. There's no place to hide. So where do you go?

Do you blackout from symptoms? How do you cope when you come to and you have no idea of what happened? Do you lose track of time in situations? Do your multiples lash out, and then you have to explain what you said when you have no idea of what you just said?

How do cope with this if it happens all the time?

One thing that helps us is boundaries. Unless you have to look at something, don't. You don't have to be on call 24/7. Besides, could a future boss meet my asking price if they really wanted that in THIS economy?

Protection comes first. If necessary, hang up or walk away. If you're a trauma survivor, you don't owe everyone an in-depth explanation of PTSD.

The body mind connection isn't just a cool title of a best-selling book. In our opinion, it exists. Chi (natural energy) does exist. If you agree, then how do you use it in the healthiest way?

Walk around you house barefoot. If it's a nice day, walk barefoot outside on the grass. Soaking up chi is like radio. Some days the reception is great. Sometimes it's not for many reasons.

Our suggestion? Use it as much as possible. See how it helps your balance.

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