Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Connection to Wikileaks

Just found out that Wikileaks is using our high trigger/stress ratings for many of their postings. Normally we'd sue. Then again, they have the powerful attorneys who work for free. We have no attorneys at all. Memo to Julian Assange: this time we'll let it go. But in the future, would an email or call first be too much to ask?

We think we've caught up on our sleep. Last night we went to bed really early because it wasn't worth it. Tomorrow a job interview. So things are looking up in some places.

But enough about us. How's your part of the world? How ar you dealing with all of your stress? We still say only look/read/listen if you have to. Another good tactic to use? Don't spend your money in a place if necessary.

If you don't force them to change, that's all right. The point is that you have the peace of mind of doing the right thing. You don't have to have an MBA from (fill in the blank with a famous business school name) to figure this stuff out.

Have no connection with them in any way. Because there are alternatives.

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