Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Shut Everything off and Heal (Contains Graphic Content)

Sorry we've been offline for a while. We came down with a really bad stomach virus. Couldn't sleep or hold anything down for about three days. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some medication. Then stocked up on some soup. Today, it's can-we-hold-down-soup-and-white-tea? So far a little better.

Symptom wise, don't ask us what's going in the world because we have no idea. There's way too much violent stimulus practically everywhere. Our rule right now is this:

If you asbsolutely have to watch, listen to or read something, do it. But edit everything. If not, don't do it.

A lot of things that may have been second nature now are threats. You literally have to say, do we really need to see this? If not, don't watch it. Odds are you're not getting paid to do it. It's not homework. Therefore, why risk your being centered?

We still have the usual survivor frustrations re: will anyone ever listen or admit that we exist? But you have to keep in mind that yo're not responsible for what they say and do. Yeah, it's really disappointing that they do and say stuff like that. But it's not your job to singlehandedly save the world from all the evil people. That's a common survivor trait.

When necessary, if you can unplug. Turn everything off and go for a walk. If you're at home and there's a pool, lay out or go for a swim. If you practice tai chi, go out barefoot on the grass and work out. You'll soak up healthy chi which will help your balance.

As for triggering stimulus, be as aware as you can of your own limits. Every survivor has their own story, symptoms and frustrations to deal with. But also, everyone has their limits as far as triggering stimulus goes. Respect those boundaries and protect yourself however necessary.

Key point of the day. There's no intl. law that says you MUST give a in-depth explanation of PTSD to everyone who asks for it (including citations that you base your information on). If you luck out and the other person can deal with you being a survivor, that's one thing. But if not, what's the point? One, it's none of their business. And two, not to be rude about it. But unless they're a trauma survivor, they'll never get it.

Today, music only in short segments. Nothing else. Some light cleaning at home and then an easy swim (if the pool's open).

NOTE: We never intentionally try to trigger anyone else. However, at times we talk about how it can get in trying to deal with PTSD from beng raped. If this bothers you, please stop reading, go elsewhere. Then, maybe try again later. If it doesn't bother you, thanks and keep reading.

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