Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time Zones

Here's a thought.

It's 9:57 p.m. where we are. 6:57 p.m. on the West. 10:57 on the East Coast.

From the U.K. eastward you're already dealing with Wednesday. How is it so far? is it safe to get out of bed? Or, should we call in sick and then go back to sleep?

We've heard it's common for trauma survivors to hear about and then take on others trauma. Maybe it's the we-can-save-the-world thing. We don't know.

But, if you find this happening to you, don't misjudge yourself. Caring and activism is fine. But it's not your responsibility that there's suffering in the world.

Our suggestion? First, deal with your own protection and healing. If necessary, turn this other stuff off. We haven't watched any regular news for about three days now.
We're still here. We'll take that as a good sign.

If you have to, screen everything. Yes, it can be a huge pain. But, what other choice do you have to keep your balance?

Just one opinion.

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