Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pacing and Focus

Welcome to our new readers in Germany. Also, please keep linking us everywhere you can (when it's not a threat to your protection).

We still say keep away from everything you don't have to look at/see/read. We spend more time on other stuff that's far more condusive to your peace of mind. We could do another variation of the really old "it's a slow news cycle" joke. But what's the point.

How do you cope with despair? When it feels like all of the trauma is caving in on you, what helps you to not just snap? Unfortnately there's still too much one-sided attention paid to trauma survivors. Much of the time the MSM says vets=PTSD. But nobody ever says, hang on a minute. Battered moms and their kids have PTSD as well. Drive by shooting survivors have PTSD.

Nobody can be bothered to mess up their nice and neat soundbites?

In our opinion, Obama should declare this to be a threat to our "national security". Next question. How do you pay for this?

The first step is to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Because what's more important? Maintaining your global conquest and power? Or, the welfare of your citizens who pay for this stuff thru taxes?

Roughly 60% of the population say they're against these wars. That's 180 million people. What would happen if all of these people refused to pay their taxes? Where would the govt. find the jail space to house all of these people? What would the world reaction be to this?

Whether it's people or money, numbers can be manipulated only to a certain point. In this mid-term election year, the people in power will do anything they can to not deal with anything else that really matters.

This means that odds are nothing is really going to change. All the more reason to protect yourself at all costs.

Why? Because nobody else will do it for you.

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