Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Nice Quiet Night In

Staying home tonight. Also, no noise. No Blackberry, no endless violent stimulus from the Net. Nothing.

Just peace and quiet. We can also hold down solid food again! But everything feels like a threat. If we go out someplace, we have to think out what to do in case of various things. We don't have the option of not doing that.

Everything has to be edited. Sights, sounds, people. Noises, colors, key words and/or phrases. The mere sight of some foods are violent triggers. You don't have the luxury of casually walking in and nothing will happen. Odds are that nobody in the store is going to kill you. On the other hand, hyperawareness is a huge problem for lots of people.

You feel like you're getting bombarded and you want to scream. You feel trapped in a cage and no one will let you out. How do deal with that?

Much of society still refuses to realize that trauma survivors are a big part of the population. We wish we had some brilliant solution that might lead to a Nobel Prize or something. But we don't.

Short of it, do everything you have to to protect yourself. Right now, we don't read, watch or listen to ANYTHING online (or live) unless we have to. Because that's what's called for. Endless horrible symptoms aren't worth it.

It's kind of nice right now. We also got caught up on some composing as well. Two jazz tunes and one that's world music.

And it's not even 10 p.m. yet.

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