Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting the Word Out

Welcome to our new readers in Glasgow, South Africa and Australia. Proof that global networking does work.

How's your online protection these days? Almost all of the tools that you need are online (and many are free). It's just a matter of where to look.

Now, with all of the talk about govt. spying, Wikileaks, someone coming to arrest you in the middle of the night, what should you do?

In our opinion, a few things. Bear with us if you've heard these before.

First, most "anti-terrorist" computer systems are looking for key words or phrases in the data that they mine. Unless you're consistently saying things like death to Obama and other phrases, odds are nobody's going to red flag you.

Second, what's the key element with the top people at Wikileaks? From what we know, they're all hackers. Assuming that's true, that's one reason why they have so many
safeguards in their procedures and systems.

Use the same basic idea. Think like a hacker. If someone really wants to out you or steal personal stuff from you, how do you stop them? Think of every possible way they could do it. Then, block each step that they try.

Another idea. Vary your content as much as possible. Don't leave obvious dots for someone to connect.

All of these are perfectly legal. Also, until Obama officially declares martial law, we still have freedom of speech.

We're not saying don't speak out. Just the opposite. Protect yourself as you do. That way, you know that someone is listening.

We now have readers in 23 countries. 99% of the time nobody posts comments.

But that's ok. Why? Because everyone heals at different rates. If you want to, the option is there.

Please keep linking this blog everywhere you think it will help. The MSM wants nothing to do with us. Which means it's their loss.

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