Thursday, August 26, 2010

How's Your Intuition?

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How's your focus? Feeling like you're plugged into everything that's going on? That's not just some 2012 New Age kind of idea. It's a common feeling among trauma survivors.

Another is a heightened sense of intuition. What are all the underlying reasons for that? We don't know. Apparently nobody's ever bothered to look into this. Most of the studies we've found online are geared towards vets.

No disrespect to vets who are struggling with trauma. But the truth is trauma affects everybody. Nobody wants to admit that. But it's true.

Why? One main reason is nobody wants to think about it. Another is it's like fighting going to the doctor or a dentist. You'll do ANYTHING to get away from it.

If you've had some horrible trauma happen to you and nobody's ever reassured you in any way, what kind of long-term effects does that have on you? Again, nobody's ever bothered to study this.

You can't tell us that it doesn't have any effect at all. The common response to this would be just shut up and get on with it. We don't have time to listen you bitch all day long.

Wrong answer. Human emotions aren't like a light switch that you can instantly turn on and off. However, lack of emotion (especially for trauma survivors) does have an effect. Short of a therapist, nobody else has ever given us a reassuring hug as we fight PTSD symptoms.

Is it because they're scared of us? Will they get raped too if they do?

Talk to any average person about being a rape survivor. Unless they're a therapist or a survivor themselves, 99.9% of them will (a) always say "sexual assault". And (b)will literally do anything they have to to get away from having to deal with you. Because of something that's not your fault.

Where's the logic in that?

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