Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wikileaks, SB1070 and Trauma

How's your weekend? It turns out that we were right regarding the diet. Our tolerance for acidic food and spices is way down. Which means more changes to still feel there's some spiciness to food.

Despite being a slow news month, triggers are everywhere. It's not only the content. But also how many react to it.

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A racist law in Arizona. Massive amounts of trauma connected to all of this.

Is anybody paying attention to that in all of this? It doesn't look like it. Instead, it's where's the angle to hype? Do we really need to read Julian Assange's poetry? What the **** does that have to do with anything?

What it means is that many in power are trying to counterspin Wilileaks and the sane people who oppose SB1070. It also means that we'll treat Assange like a presidential candidate/rock star god/whatever. Besides, turf wars between Wikileaks and their competition (Cryptome, WMR and others) iare WAY more interesting than the same old boring stock footage of dead bodies.

Is screening and treating the Afghan population for PTSD part of our campaign to win "hearts and minds"? Who cares. There's nothing to hype in that.

The rest of the world wants us to leave. The corporate MSM doesn't want you to know that. So we'll do their job for them.

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