Monday, August 23, 2010

The Body Mind Connection

Normally in this dog-eat-dog-and-soon-no-Net-Nuetrality-world we don't just give free plugs to anyone. Unless of course there's a great reason to.

Dr. Gabor Mate is a doctor practicing in Vancouver, B.C. His basic premise is this: there's a strong body/mind connection. This has all kinds of effects on your health and your suseptability to getting different diseases.

Consider some ideas and see how they fit into your overall healing:

It's possible to think yourself into being well.

Addicts become addicts thru no fault of their own. It's due to pre-dispositon. Also, individual circumstances. Another factor is lack of emotional support. Why then do we spend billions and lock these people away?

Meditating can actually raise the melatonin level in your body.

Is it possible to die of lonliness? In some cases, yes.

Extremely high acidic content in your body can make you more vunerable to a wide range of diseases.

Not getting anger out in a healthy way can be just as toxic as putting all kinds of additives in your body.

Do any of these fit into your overall healing? What helps you to get your anger out in a non-threatening way (to either you or anyone else)?

One last thought. On a really good day when you feel like you're in the groove, why is that? Is it just emotions? Or, is it because you're tapped into lots of positive chi?

Something to consider.

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