Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tools to Help Your Balance

It must be Tuesday. Welcome to our new readers in Romania. Daly City, Ca. And everywhere else. Please keep linking us everywhere you can without endangering your balance.

We all know that part of keeping your balance is creative use of your tools. These can be online, books or other sources.

But right now, if it's not triggering, stay away from "global news". Instead, expand your station list from the usual "corporate American radio sound" to a global sound.

In the spirit of better balance overall, here are some of the better stations we've found. Remember to screen everything, just to be sure. Stay away from news and commercials. Also, if you don't happen to speak the particular language, (a) don't worry about it. Or (b), start taking lessons. If you do, immersion is one of the best ways to study.

The List:
96.9 Voltage FM (Paris, France. Not the other one outside of Dallas).
Nile FM (Cairo)
Samurai Fm. com
2Day FM (Sydney)
95b FM (Auckland)

More coming soon.

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