Monday, October 11, 2010

Latenight Thoughts

Staying in tonight with our lemonade and listening to the Giants-Braves game online. Via a Canadian station. Even though we know who won the game by looking at Stateside sites. That's the Net for ya.

How are your symptoms? We've thought about it, and we're going to apply for disability. We've lost jobs in the past because of PTSD. Also, we really don't want to be homeless for a third time.

This means apply for that, find low stress jobs. Then, go back to therapy and have a stable base overall. We still fight every day and feel like we're going to black out. Then at the end of that day when we're totally exhausted, we feel like we've moved about 2 cm.

But what else can you do but keep going?

We're taking it in tiny segments. But also we're protecting ourselves as much as possible. The only things we can handle right now are sports scores and job hunting stuff. We stay away from the rest of it.

Do you have blackouts? Do your multiples lash out? Do you feel like anyone's listening to you and admits that you exist? We hope that things are looking up for you.

Thanks for the support. Also, please link us everywhere you can. If you can talk some progressive media outlet to carry us, please do. We tried, and they didn't listen. Maybe it's a matter of someone else dropping hints.

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