Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Do You Cope?

The global audience gets bigger and bigger. London, Singapore, Perth. Brisbane, Jerusalem, Paris, Dublin. Maybe we should open branch offices.

How are you coping in this "global economic downturn. The worst since the 1930's". How much do you wanna bet that at night, all of these politicians go home and drink champagne that they can't drink in public?

Everywhere you turn, there are cutbacks and fighting over who gets the worst of it. Ireland, the U.K., Vancouver, B.C., Greece, and the States.

What are the common threads:
Higher stress for everyone
Spinning the taxes that will have to come to pay for these cuts
Cutting back vital services. This can mean several things. Cut back hours. Put pressure on the unions and then they fight back by striking. Then the govt. fires them and brings in replacements with less experience.

Now, what's the one thing that no politician in the world will EVER say? Yes, everyone who deserves to go bankrupt should. Also, let's write off the global toxic debt.

Worldwide, hundreds of experts have examined this. Many have also made lots of money avoiding this important concept.

Now, another view. Why is following the rules bad? People below the level of Goldman Sachs or HSBC in the U.K. go bankrupt or lose their homes. Some even go homeless and then lose their lives. This endless "global analysis" of the toxic debt continues to go nowhere.

If one option isn't done, go in another direction. If the banks won't disclose it all, write it off. The G20 could say to them, you had your chance, but you blew it. Now deal with the consequences.

In France, Greece and other countries, people continue to march in the streets. Instead of having a go at them with really boring (fill in nationality here) jokes, try this.

In Ireland, a growing number of people want a general election. In Vancouver, B.C. the Premier will go on TV and try to sell the public on a new tax. But, in Canada it seems that hockey is way more important than the welfare of the country and population.

Is anybody paying attention to the traumatic effect this is having on the public?

In the States, 30% of the population has some form of PTSD. Granted we don't have tanks in the streets and martial law yet. But legally Obama could implement this at any time.

Despite that, millions still think that Obama is "The Great One" who will save us all.

Question: Doesn't continuing denial increase the trauma that you need to pay attention to?

Do you really have to go to Harvard Med School to learn this stuff?

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