Friday, October 29, 2010

It Really is Friday

Welcome to our growing audience along the East and West Coasts in the States. Looks like we have some new readers in the D.C. area. Maybe it's Obama? These days, anything's possible.

Speaking of anything, next week are the highly stressful mid-term elections. Breaking our just-talk-about-trauma rules for a moment, what's the outcome? As expected, the Democrats will lose a lot of seats and the power that goes with it. This means that literally nothing will get done for the next two years (not a surprise).

How then do we deal with this? Protect yourself at all costs. Despite a lot of nice soundbites from Obama and others about "how we must do everything we can for our troops and people that are suffering", what's being done? We don't see anything. It's just political posturing that's very profitable for many people.

Therefore, do what's necessary to maintain your balance. Mix activism with balance. If you don't have to go into a store or read/watch/listen to something, don't. If you then multiply that by millions, the people at the top will notice.

Next Tuesday, what would the politicians do if nobody voted? It's not illegal in the States to not vote. If no one shows up, what will they do? What will the corporate MSM talk about to fill time and column space? Is this possible to do? Yes it is. Would people actually do something that's 100% free to express their contempt for the current system? No.

Why not? Because most people are lazy, that's why. We live in a we-want-it-for-free-right-now society. If it doesn't meet that rule, screw it. We can't be bothered.

Now if this did happen, we'd be pleasantly surprised. Prove us wrong.

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