Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Weekend

How's it looking for you? Sorry we've been away for a while. But it was a horrible week until a few days ago. We had two job interviews. Didn't get the first one. We got the second one. But we'll never do that ever again. The firm lied in it's initial ads. We won't say what it was because it's too triggering. But never again.

Now it's back to looking, dealing with symptoms, trying for disability and potentially moving again. You go where you have to to get the new jobs and the help that you need. And unfortunately in our area it's really tough. But you keep going and keep your balance.

We have some source in various places that are helping us out. It's the old thing of the more the use the better your results. A key in all of this is balance. Also, protection.

Have a great day.

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