Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tough to Talk About (Contains potentially triggering material)

Listening to hockey and the World Series online. But also, we're trying to maintain our balance despite rough symptoms.

We're juggling a lot(going for supplemental income, going back to therapy and more). Yet, at times dissociating is really rough. There's a "what's the point, just die and get it over with" feeling that you have to fight really hard. If you don't, we're scared that we'll fall apart.

We're NOT going to kill ourselves. But also, we don't have the luxury of "just go with your feelings".

At times we literally feel like we're going to snap in two. We scream and fight to not fall apart. Lucid dreams happen and we have to hold onto any solid thing we can to not fall apart.

Does any of this happen to you? If it does, how do you cope with it?

Feel free to post your comments. Since we're a global blog, think of all the free input you're getting worldwide. Then, think of the huge consulting fee you'd have to pay elsewhere.

Yet another reason to post your comments.

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