Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peace and Quiet

How's your evening/Friday? We're staying in tonight with our limade and listening to some RTE podcast about Wayne Rooney. He's not happy with his team and is probably holding out for a REALLY big contract. Just like the rest of us (or those of us who have no contract and would like one).

Segue into security. How are your symptoms? We're being very careful because despair is really rough at times. The therapist says that that's years of horrible trauma coming out. Every day we're screaming and fighting to focus. We have no choice. We have to keep going.

How do you cope when it feels like the world isn't paying attention? We just try to keep in mind we're not responsible for them. Protect yourself at all costs. Pay attention to your intuition.

Also, know when to turn everything off. At times it's too much to handle. So we turn everything off and go for a walk.

Some clarity at times. But it's really painful.

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