Saturday, October 2, 2010

You're Not Responsible

Enjoying the weekend? Here, still no snow. The pool is open again. Things are looking up.

A key idea to keep in mind. Despite all the sick and twisted things happening in the world, keep in mind that you're not responsible for what others say and do. Now, many big name activists are always talking about we all have a responsibility to our fellow persons. We can't just sit by and do nothing.

In one sense, that's true. But what they have to also keep in mind are several things:

If you're a trauma survivor, how can you help others when you need to concentrate on your healing first?

How come there's no united progressive front to once and for all bring pressure on the powers that be to force them (yes, non-violently of couse) to change this stuff?
Answer? Egos, money and power. Yes, this even affects many of these activists. They'd probably never publically admit that. But it's true.

It's the old being in a crowded room thing. Everyone sits and knows that action needs to be taken. Yet, nobody will do anything until one person does it. Then it's like lemmings mingrating behind the leader.

Today in Washington, there's a progressive protest. How much ocverage will the corporate MSM give it? Maybe 2 minutes. Will they actually interview anyone connected with it? Only if they're judged to not be a troublemaker, uppity (you get the idea).

If it involves donating large sums of money, for many rich and powerful people they'll ask the obvious questions:

How does this benefit this cause?
How will this benefit me?

Many of these celebs work within the system to reach their level of fame and fortune. Do you seriously think that all of them will completely risk all of that? We can name a tiny number that have. What's happened to them? They've been blacklisted, exiled or even killed.

Most people want nothing to do with trauma survivors. Right now, if you live in the States, essentially weakness isn't tolerated. Nobody cares about your problems. Just shut up and get on with it.

This continues to be analyzed to death by various experts, pundits and their assistants, groupies and who knows who else.

Nothing has changed.

How are your symptoms today?

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