Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pay Attention to the Signs

How's your stress level these days? As if we don't have enough to deal with, the powers that be make things even worse. Then, it's either (a)we had to do something because they're "too big to fail". Or (b), we'll do whatever we want. And we dare you to stop us.

Which one is it?

This means that in our view you have to pay attention to what you see and how it affects you. Maybe a lot of your routine is second nature. We're not saying live a spartan lifestyle and never be happy. Just the opposite. Pay attention to the effects of things.

Why should trauma survivors do this? Because nobody else will. It's hard enough as it is when you battle symptoms every day and do everything else. Then, nobody seems to care. Is it expected to do that? Or, do they literally want nothing to do with you (but they do want you to cook dinner, clean and do everything else)?

How do you cope with these double standards?

It seems like almost nobody wants to deal with trauma unless there's something in it for them. The corporate MSM wants something with "legs". What's the angle to give us huge ratings? What can we hype? Not actually paying attention to the story and the underlying reasons. Instead, it has to be able to be spun. Besides, who the hell wants to watch depressing s**t like this at breakfast. We have certain standards that we have to maintain.

Are these good or bad standards? You be the judge.

In our case, today things feel raw. The only things we're looking at online are sports scores and rundowns of games. We literally can't look at anything else because it's too triggering. We stay out of some stores because it's like everything inside is too triggering.

When was the last time you saw an "in-depth" report on a trauma survivor with PTSD who wasn't a vet? We've never seen one.

This means protect yourself. But also continue your own network to get your message out.

We're now read in 26 countries. Which means that millions worldwide need to be heard. Whether it's rape, wars, flooding, earthquakes or epidemics, these people exist. Yes, it's much more exciting to see in-depth coverage of Chelsea Clinton's megamillion dollar wedding with the parents on hand. But does anybody pay attention to the double standard of Bill being appointed by Obama to help with Haitian aid relief? Either Obama didn't get the memo about Bill being involved in overthrowing
Aristede, or he just doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Try this for one day. Unless you have to look, listen to or read this stuff, for one day turn it all off. Don't check your email. Then, see how you feel. Will the world end? No. If some people can't reach you, is it an international crime to call them back the next day? No, it's not.

Just suggestions. Then again, in our experience nobody else will do this for you.

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