Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is a High Stress Day

How's your part of the world? Just when you thought it was safe, you find out the people at the top are doing even more stupid s**t. As if we don't have enough stress as it is.

NOTE: We try to avoid all triggering stuff as much as possible. But, today we have to break the rule. If this bothers you, please stop reading now. If not, keep going.

Unless your PC or Mac's been recently repaired (or you've been on a covert mission in North Korea), everybody knows about the new Wikileaks documents release. It's gone viral and it's now being analzyed by various MSM "experts" and others.

In one sense, the more coverage the better.

As for the other whistleblower sites that are still jealous of all the global attention that Asssange is getting, we say f*****g get over it. Then, help to release more documents. That's the whole point of your site, correct?

The bad part of this? First, unless Wikileaks is a CIA front, more evidence is right there in front of you. Yet, look at various comments on sites and blogs. What are most people doing? Cutting each other down instead of paying attention to the content.

There's no accountability. Does that bother anyone?

War criminals are seen on TV talk shows and are making millions selling books and other stuff. In other countries, war criminals are arrested and tried like they should be. But not in the West.

Is anyone concerned about this?

In Iraq and Afghanistan, Western troops are shooting innocent civilians like f*****g dogs. But that's out of sight, out of mind. And, part of spreading "Western democracy".

Lots of famous journlists are getting rich off of this. One, it's not illegal to be succesful and make money. But two, does it bother anyone that some of these people criticize the mass apathy of the public and make millions off of that? Then again, it's not their job to put their career (and possibly life) on the line to solve this problem. Blame the politicians.

Or, are we the only ones that notice this?

A prediction. This new Wilikeaks release will run its course. Then, absolutely nothing will change. Obama will still be The Great One who will save us all. The Democrats will lose in November. More people (both troops and civilians) will die unnecessarily. And nobody will care.

We've had enough for today.

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