Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a Global Thing

Happy weekend to our worldwide audience. Think of it as opening branch offices all over the place and there's no fee for anything.

How are you coping with the Global Depression (call it what it is)? We can only take about 1 minute of looking at financial stuff online. After that it's like what's the point? The people in power only want to stay in power. Many who criticize them are getting rich off of their mistakes/crimes. You can only take so much.

Here, many who have health problems are going abroad for treatment. These usually are marketed as "health holidays". You can get treatment for a fraction of the cost at home. Plus, hang out at the beach while you recover.

We know that in any situation someone's going to look for the profit angle. Yet, consider the bigger picture. People are going abroad for treatment. Or, many are emigrating to a new life.

We're trying to keep all of our options open. Emigrating is still one of them. We have a good work history abroad and a valid passport. Also, since it is a global economy, you go where your opportunities are.

Another aspect. 99% of the valid information that we get here comes from abroad. There's literally no point in looking at the corporate MSM. Progresisve in many ways is much worse than before.

Does anyone look at the underlying causes of this stuff? Almost always no. There has to be some hype in it. Because frankly unless everyone stops watching/listening/reading, they could care less what you think.

The up side of this? This gives you more time to do other stuff. Especially if you're a trauma survivor.

Do you find that people will listen to you and support you as you struggle for balance? Or, do they wish you'd just disappear?

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