Monday, October 25, 2010

Overnight Stuff

Greetings to our global audience. For anyone who doesn't know, we now have readers in about 26 countries. Of course we don't know their names. But the list gets bigger every day. Thanks for the support.

How are you coping these days? Everywhere in the world it looks like more people are starting to argue over what they're entitled to. How come I get less of a rebate than he does? How come I have to go bankrupt and the giant banks always get bailed out?

Answers: lack of connections, money, lobbyists and MSM contacts?

This will only increase as more budget cuts are talked about. No politician will be insane enough to publicaly say, yes, let's write off the debt. Let all firms that need to go bankrupt go bankrupt. Also, if you still believe that writing or calling your Congressperson is helpful, it's not. We've been ignored by all of the major progressive people in Congress. It won't work.

What do you do then? Concentrate on what you have some control over. Take things in tiny segments and protect yourself as much as possible.

Another key? Always have a many options as possible. More options means in many cases more power.

How are our symptoms? Dissociating is still a huge problem. We have to edit everything because if we don't we spend almost all day fighting to get our balance back.

As for others, we have no control over them. We just want to have some stability for a while. Pay our bills and go back to therapy.

Not too much to ask for.

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