Saturday, October 30, 2010

Latenight Comments

How's the weekend? Staying up for a while to catch up on some writing. As for the rest of the news, excluding scores, no thanks. Way too violent.

At times, there's some clarity. But we still have to fight to focus. The old therapist won't talk to us anymore. Why? Who knows. Which means time to finish there and start soon with the new one. We're trying to keep as much continuity as we can.

How are your symptoms? Does EMDR help you at all? It helps us. But also at times it's really rough. It's like everything comes flooding out all at once.

Despair is still there as well. Then again, you have to keep going.

Feel free to post comments. Share with millions worldwide and see what happens.

NOTE: Being the editors (somebody has to), we reserve the right to screen and edit comments to make sure they're helpful to everyone here. This means anything we deem triggering will be deleted. Please consider others and their healing as you post comments.

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