Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fighting to Be Heard

Into the weekend. A nice sunny day, a giant glass of lemonade. And we don't have to wait forever while surfing online.

What we do have to keep in mind is this. How to cope when it feels like the world doesn't want to admit that you exist.

The MSM will NEVER admit that guy survivors exist. And, much of the progressive as well. When they bloody well know that we're there.

What do you do if you decide to speak out? Many instantly label you with PTSD. You can be denied health care because of something that's not your fault.

What are you supposed to do then?

We try not to get eaten alive by the anger and frustration. Instead, we're working on building our own network to get the word out (without hurting ourselves in the process).

You can use a lot of the common tools (podcasts, the PayPal Donate Button, and others). But, another part of it is consistent content.

Others can laugh at you, treat you like dirt. And if they're really bored, they can hack your site. But one thing they CAN'T do is silence you.

It's dog-eat-dog in many ways. But we choose to do it in a positive way.

Back to the lemonade.

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