Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's All a Big Sellout

Allow us to deviate for a second into the new "health care reform" that the Democrats are trying to push at the last minute.

In case you haven't heard these, here's a summary:

The anti-single payer lobby is spending $1 million A DAY to kill this.
There are actually people who want to keep paying higher premiums for "coverage" which isn't coverage.
By the time you finish reading this, one person will either be bankrupt or dead from lack of health care.
Obama's using people who are sick and became bankrupt (due to high premiums) as political footballs for the midterm elections.
Key Democrats who swore they would NEVER stop fighting for single payer are selling out. Today's winner: Dennis Kucinich.
Not one member of Congress will become bankrupt, homeless or die due to lack of health care.

All that matters is winning in November. Outspin the other side. And then tell the voters, we had "reform". But the Other Side stopped it. Blame them, don't blame us. And please vote for us in November.

Do any of the "power players" involved in this lack the best health care money can buy? No. Has Howard Dean ever been denied care because of a pre-existing condition? No.

Yet, the rest of us are supposed to say, you take what little you can get upfront. And then fight for years to get the next little peace.

Translation: Inside the Beltway, all that matters is maintaining the status quo. All threats to our money and power must be stopped at all costs. And if people die in the process, screw 'em.

We seriously wonder how these people can live with themselves.

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