Monday, March 8, 2010

Equal Time (Contains graphic content)

Happy International Women's Day. It's a time to talk about lots of important issues that affect women (and society overall).

Yet, we're dissappointed by a big double standard. There's lots of talk about sexual assault. Protecting women survivor's rights in school at work and in other areas.

But NOT ONCE does anybody talk about guy survivors.

They know they're there. So they can't use that as an excuse.

Instead, what's the excuse? "According to the latest national studies from (fill in the blank), the percentage is extremely small".

What the **** does THAT mean?:

It's too small. So who cares?
We just don't talk about stuff like that.
If a guy gets raped, what's his problem? It's HIS fault. So why can't HE fix it?

How many times have all guy survivors heard this before?

What's the indirect message? We don't like you. We don't want you here. So go away. But, you know you really should get some help.

But don't expect us to acknowledge that you exist. Don't expect any Congressional hearings. Don't expect any stories on (fill in the blank with a famous news show). Because you won't get it.

So piss off and go away.

Since I started this blog, only a few friends know that I write this. If I were to out myself, many things could happen:

I could be denied jobs.
I could be denied health care.

All because of something that's not my fault.

How come I don't count? I have many of the same problems as a woman survivor does. Yet, just because I'm a guy I'm not allowed to be human and have the same emotions that she does? Because she's a woman and guys just don't show their emotions?

If a guy vet has PTSD, he'll get a Congressional hearing and time on C-SPAN. But if he's a guy rape survivor, we don't want you here.

The suicide rate for vets in the States is still the highest rate ever.
In Australia, 6 people nationally kill themselves every day.

Question: How many of these people are guy rape survivors?

All trauma survivors deserve to be heard. Both women and men.

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