Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Backing Down(contains graphic content)

How's your weekend? Symptoms are still hitting us hard at times. You scream and fight to stay grounded. But at times you think you're going to black out.

Another frustrating thing is seeing others who say they want to expose a lot of wrongdoing in the world. You try to tell them about the hypocracy that a lot of trauma survivors have to put up with. But for whatever reason they can't be bothered.

What does this say? Even in dealing with trauma, there are just some things that we don't talk about in polite society? And if you don't like it, just piss off and go away?

It's a stupid double standard that could cause you to get eaten alive by the anger and the frsutration. But instead, we're still choosing to go in a positive direction.

If yo don't want to listen, fine. We'll build our own network to be heard. It seems to be part of the old thing of selective activism. Take parts that you can handle and work on those.

Does this help you in your healing process? If you have other ideas, post them here. Or email to ptsdsurvival at

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