Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Not "Reform" After All

Just checked with some sources on Obama's "health reform". And, it turns out that it's NOT reform after all:

Govt. subsidies to help people buy coverage don't start until 2014.
Pre-existing conditions aren't eliminated also until 2014.
Drug prices won't go down.
There's no immediate benefit for trauma survivors getting proper treatment.
There's no element in this that gurantees market competition. Instead, it's the usual Wall Street "let the market forces control it" line.
Many key Congresspeople that passed this bill are large shareholders in many health care firms.
Health care corporate dividends continue (and will continue) to rise. Does Obama have any health care shares?

This also means that people will continue to become homeless and possibly die from lack of health care. Meanwhile, no govt. employees will have to worry about these problems. Because they have the best health care that money can buy.

They'll never get stuck waiting in a ER. They'll be able to see any specialist that they want. Members of Congress get UNLIMITED sick leave at full pay. How many people outside the Beltway get that?

Why do they get that? Is it because since they're rich, powerful and got elected that they're entitled to this (and we're not)? In the Senate, excluding Bernie Sanders of Vermont, name one other person that's not a millionaire? Answer, you can't.

Prove to us that this isn't evidence that the gap between the rich and poor isn't the widest it's ever been. If a Congressperson is diagnosed with PTSD, they get the best treatment money can buy. If we go for treatment, we can be laughed it, treated like dirt. Or, told to just shut the f**k up and get on with it.

Does this ever happen to members of Congress?

Now, a prediction. Despite this happening (and the facts being right in front of your face), there wlll STILL be millions who will vote for Obama in 2012. Why? Because there's really no one else. Why wouldn't I vote for him.

Millions of people will vote on American Idol (and make Simon Cowell even more bloody rich than he already is). But when it comes to the health and welfare of citizens, can anybody be bothered? No.

If we're wrong, prove it.

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