Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coping With It All

4:39 a.m. our time as we write this. Had more nightmares last night. We won't get into specifics and intentionally trigger you. But it just feels like everywhere you turn it's nothing but trauma.

This in turn makes you ask, is there ANYTHING we can look at safely today? Everything seems terrifying. And on top of that, nobody wants to admit that you exist.

Will Obama's Health Care pass? The long term plan (in our opinion) is this:

He's going to Australia in about ten days. There, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is trying to reform the Aussie health care system as well. If both were to be done by the time they meet, can you spell intl. photo ops?

Obama criticizes the anti-single payer lobby. Then the Democrats take millions from them. And now he's criticizing them again. And, trying to get the public on his side. If it passes, see, we have REFORM. If it doesn't, it can spun to make the Other Evil Side even worse. The public wants it. And you're pissing them off. Please re-elect the Democrats in the mid-terms.

What can be done here?

The for-profit health coverage firms make money off of death. It's not coverage.

This to us sounds like a form of "terrorism" (terrorism being "a threat to the American people").

Obama keeps saying it's my sworn duty to do EVRYTHING necessary to protect the American people.

Yet, in this case he's not. But so many Obama supporters still say he can do no wrong.

What he should do is use the Patriot Act to declare this a National Emergency. Then implement single payer coverage for all.

If he does (n the current political climate), what will happen?

Some will support him. Also, his political career will be over.

Why won't he do this? Because if he dares to fight back, he'll be labelled as just another "uppity" black politician? If that's wrong, then what is it?

They're ****ing with people's lives. All to maintain their money and power.

But you already knew that.

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