Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tomorrow's the Big Day. Maybe.

In case you don't know, tomorrow Congress votes on Obama's latest "health care reform." Depending on where you are in your overall healing, here's our suggestion.

Be very cautious if you're going to watch any of this stuff. Because really, from what we've seen so far, it's all about outspinning the other side to win in November.

Another point. Not ONCE in all of the "debate" has anybody answered this question. Why is PTSD a "pre-existing condition"? In the current legalese, that implies somehow that it's your fault (due to something in your lifestyle). You caused it. Therefore, you fix it.

PTSD comes from some type of trauma. Does this mean then that if you're a rape survivor, it's your fault for being stupid enough to get raped? If you're a vet, does this mean it's your fault for being stupid enough to sign up in the first place?

Obama is using sick people in the hospital as political footballs to pass his plan. Under his plan:

Pre-exisitng conditions will still be allowed. The health care firms will get even more money.
Drug prices will still be astronomical for the public. For govt. employees and vets under Tri-Care, this never happens.
Obama says that govt. employees get great deal because of the number of people in the pool. But he doesn't talk about the power of govt. employee unions (and their lobbyists).

If we have to go back on a state high risk system, our new premiums will go up almost 300%. If we work for a large firm with group coverage, they can still go up.

Yet, Obama keeps saying that "it's not practical" for the States to have national care. Then how come other countries implemented it and are doing fine?

Because while we have Medicare, Social Security and other govt. services, this would be "evil socialism". And Obama's pissed off about being labelled something that he's not?

The Democrats are terrified of pissing off the anit-single-payer lobby. Then they'll lose millions in "campaign contributions". They'll get voted out of office. And then (if they have 20 years of service) they'll have to tough it out on their pension, govt. health care. And various other gravy train sources of income. How rough can it be?

The bottom line is money and power. If someone has it and sees a threat to it, they'll do literally anything it takes to stop it. And if someone else becomes homeless and dies because of lack of health care, to hell with you.

If you want to watch this, be very cautious.

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