Thursday, March 4, 2010

How's Your Balance?

Lunchtime on a Thursday. Lots of applications to put in. And lots of stuff online to stay away from.

We still have the feeling at times that we're 4 steps ahead of everybody else. Which can save you lots of money (no need to buy any newspapers, magazines, etc.). You have to keep in mind work on something in segments. It's not our job to single handedly save the world from the evil neocons.

The diet is a real challenge as well. 70% akaline/30% acidic. Yet, there are lots of things that have three different effects all at the same time.

Gluten is bad for you if you're gluten-intolerant or have Celiac's Disease. It depletes your seratonin and can cause depression and possibly cancer. So how much water should you drink to counterbalance the acidic stuff? Most people say 6-8 glasses a day. But what if that DOESN'T work? What do you do then?

We're checking a lot of our global sources. An so for literally nobody has seen or heard of any information re: diet and it's effects on trauma survivors. How much money do these various national institutes of health get?

Let's assume these are two standards you should stick to:
Salt: no more than 500 mg. a day.
Sugar: no more than 50 grams a day.

In the typical U.S. diet:
One jar of salsa: 1,500 mgs. of salt.
1 can of soda: 40 grams of sugar.
Potentially, one meal could be double what your daily limits should be.

Trick question. How come not once is this mentioned in Obama's Great Health Care Summits? How come not once is the proven effectiveness of holistic treatments never mentioned? Keep in mind that govt. employees have universal care. Literally the best care 24/7 that money can buy. If they're using holistic treatments and getting reimbursed, we'll be REALLY pissed off.

Blissful wishing on Obama's part for bi-partisanship will never solve anything. But apparently, his spin team is telling him stick to this line. And we'll clean up in the mid-terms in November.

And that's all that matters. Maintaining party power and profit.

In our area, many doctors can't be bothered with dealing with health coverage. And, now many are also saying if you have Medicare, Medicaid or some other low-income coverage, don't call us to make an appointment. For the universal coverage here, you have to go thru a govt. office to make appointments with approved doctors.

Do any politicians have to go thru this? No.

Would they willingly give up their universal coverage to show solidarity with the voters? Don't make us laugh.

But apparently this crap will keep right on going. Because we're not yet at The "Great Turning Point in Society". Whatever the hell that means.

Back to job hunting.

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